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Textiles and Medicine go hand in hand.

Textiles and Medicine go hand in hand.

Healthcare textiles are the products and costumes used in hospitals; these textiles play a vital role in hospitals, especially after the coronavirus outbreak, and are used in different medical sectors. The materials used in hospitals are made up of fabrics, which gives comfort to both the patient and the doctor. Wholesale healthcare textiles have several things such as Personal protective equipment which has become the need of the hour after the coronavirus, and it also has scrubs, lab coats, Pajama Shirts & Pants, Bed & Bath Linens, etc. These products are designed according to the patient's needs; they have different materials for kids and adults. These products are used in spas, nursing homes, and chiropractic centers.

 Types of healthcare materials from HY Supplies Inc.

There are several types of healthcare textile material which are used in hospitals, such as

  •  Bed & Bath Linens
  •  Medical and hospital gowns,
  •  Doctor’s Coat
  •  Hospital Uniforms,
  •  Terry Bibs Clothes, and
  •  Fenestrated & Solid Drape

Bed & Bath Linens

The Bed & Bath Linen is used in the bathrooms of the hospitals to stand on it while you dry yourself after the bath; it is a heavy white towel made up of linen cloths.

Hospital Scrubs

 It is a protective garment designed to be used up by the doctor, nurse, and others in the operating room, or, in other words, operation theatres. It was initially a gown that doctors wore during surgeries. These scrubs have different colors, such as blue, green pink Out of these three colors, green and blue are predominantly used in hospitals

Medical Gowns

Medical gowns are nothing but the three-letter word we often hear in our ears now: personal protective equipment (PPE), which the doctors used to wear in the hospital while attending the patient. It acts as a barrier between doctors and patients. It is the essential textile material in the hospital, and it is made up of 3 layers of non-woven fabrics.

Doctor’s coat / Lab Coat

A doctor's coat is usually loose-fitting with deep pockets it’s also known as a lab coat in white, and it's a knee-length overcoat. This coat is made up of cotton, linen, polyester, or a mixture of both and can be washed in high temperatures.

Fenestrated & Solid Drape

Fenestrated sheets, or drape sheets, are frequently used in minor surgical procedures to perform surgery on specific parts of patients. Because it is disposable, it can protect and prevent cross-infection between patients and doctors, and it is easy and effective to use.

Terry Bibs Clothes

These clothes are used to protect kids from any liquid or food that may fall during feeding sessions, which is hard to handle.

We supply high-quality linen products and durability in terms of usage and at wholesale price. Feel the comfort. You will not be disappointed.

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