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Tablecloth Accessories

Tablecloth Accessories

 Tablecloth Accessories

Table skirt clips are clamping devices used to hold the corners of the table to hold the different things on the table. The material used for the table skirting may be plastic/steel, depending upon the thing we choose to hold.

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Table Skirt Hangers - Crafted in USA

$5.98 / Ea. $6.65
Table Skirt Hangers, Stock Subject to Availability. Shipping Varies Bas ed on your location.

Table Skirt Clips Crafted in USA

$33.78 / 50 Pcs. Bag $42.22
Sizes: Fits ¾” to 1” clip, Fits 1” to 2” clip, Fits 1 1/2” to 2 ½”. Velcro ® is attached. Our clips - Unbreakable & Durable, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.

They are used to secure the table cloths in the table for different events/functions under windy conditions. Hangers are also made of chrome-plated steel or plastic. They are used for easy access to clothes. The users will use it for easy drying of wet clothes and to prevent their clothes from wrinkles.

Table skirt hangers are chrome plated to avoid rust formation and increase the hangers' life period.

Tablecloth accessories include table skirt clips and table skirt hangers. They were crafted in the USA. Table skirt fits are available in ¾ to 1, 1 to 2, and 1½ to 21/2. Standard table skirt clips are unbreakable and durable; based on the sizes, these clips are classified; for the ¾ size, which is the standard clip. 1-2 for the multi-clip and 1 ½ -2 ½ for the super-clip.





Tablecloth Accessories


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