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Prison Bedding

Prison Bedding

Correctional Prison JailLinens

Fundamental jail linens requirements of prison members for their regular days are prison towels, blankets, and bed sheets. Prison towels should have better absorbency to dry the body of the prisoner, and they should provide a soft feel. Prison towels were made from 600 GSM (Grams per square meter) cotton. 


If the GSM value is slightly higher, it will increase the weight of the towel. Another actual product for the prisoner is blankets because all the walls are blocked in the prison, and there are no ventilation facilities, so the surface and the walls in jails will be hot. So, providing extra blankets and bed linen for the prisoners is mandatory. The final product essential for the prisoners is keeping the body temperature normal to the surrounding temperature is possible by the blankets. Products discussed are the essential bed linen supplies for jails that are supposed to be used by the prisoners.

Prison towels were made of pure 100% cotton, which may be either 10s or 16s cotton, depending upon the requirements in prison. GSM level plays a key role in defining the overall weight of the towel. Snag-free Thermal Blankets and Waffle Weave Blankets are pure 100% cotton. In contrast, thermal blankets are made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. Prison linens T-130 and T-180 were made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend and are available in 3 shades.

The major categories of prison linen products are prison towels, prison blankets, and prison bed sheets. Each major category product has its sub-category products per the prisoners' needs and requirements.


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