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2020, October

Do you know the Incontinence Products to Keep Handy When providing Home Healthcare for Family?
0 Do you know the Incontinence Products to Keep Handy When providing Home Healthcare for Family?

With so many home healthcare supplies out there to assist adults with changing life events, there is always confusion where do you start? Incontinence in the adult is a common condition that calls for a bit of research and preparation, so you have supplies in the home and available when needed. Because we not only want the best protection for our loved ones, also want them to feel comfortable, confident, and carefree, not timid or tied down!

There is a variation in shapes, sizes, and needs of different adults, as there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to incontinence care. The unexpected leaks can be light or heavy and can occur once in a blue moon or more frequently. Let's have a quick guide for you to make sorting through the options a little easier. Whatever may be the need, a solution is available to help you feel self-assured in your caregiving and, most importantly, add worry-free ease to the life of your loved one. 

Reusable incontinence Underpads:

Underpads are Large, Absorbent, and Washable. They are designed for Hospital Patients to contain bladder leakage and protect bedding, protection for incontinence issues, with and without tuck-in wings or anti-friction backing. It prevents them from moving around in the bed. 

Chair Pads

During the incontinence, the furniture is likely to get soiled even if they always wear incontinence briefs, leaks happen. It is tough to deal with that kind of intense cleanup or have to worry about odors that get stuck deep inside unwashed cushions. Hence Incontinence protection for furniture makes cleanup easier.   


Incontinence pads are the same as liners that lend to the physically able woman but provide extra absorbency for extra protection. Be it overnight security or fast absorbency, your loved one needs a pad. It offers moderate to heavy leakage protection in a variety of styles and sizes – after all, comfort plus protection equals confidence and invincibility.


Underwear gives good relief, if your loved one struggles with accidents due to confusion or memory loss, or is physically unable to reach the bathroom in time. Underwear products are just like regular underwear, adding normalcy and assurance to the lives of those who experience heavy leakage. A different range of comforts, absorbencies, and sizes are available for both women and men.


Briefs provide both supreme comfort and maximum protection. The comfort of secure fastening and easy removal keeps everything under control, which means confident and worry-free living. If your loved needs to lean while being tended to, incontinence briefs speed the process and ease the back, with hook fasteners that have unlimited ability to refasten. 


The pads are a choice for adults who experience moderate to heavy leakage, designed to provide an even more discreet, flexible, and contoured fit than our regular women’s pads. It is ideal for those who enjoy a more active lifestyle and want to maintain stylish and carefree protection while out and about. A bonus for caregivers is that all pads in this system come with wetness indicators.

Adult incontinence need not be a barrier to carefree living. So many resources and personal care products are out there to help you find the solution that best meets the needs of your loved one. Find the right Incontinence care products and make sure you have ample supply on-hand at home and when traveling so that you can both feel confident.




The Significance of Towels in the Hair & Beauty Industry
0 The Significance of Towels in the Hair & Beauty Industry

Salon towels play a vital role in your day-to-day life that deserves to be a commendable recall. Chances are, you have cleaned your phone screen with one just now to read this article! But have you ever taken into consideration how impactful your choice of towel is on the world around you? Now check out what you should take into account!

Reusable Towels – Pros Vs Cons

Every day, you come to the salon extra early to get everything ready for the day. You check your stock levels, the register, and freshen the place up a bit. While doing so, you take out your new batch of facial towels and leave a few at each workstation for staff to fold when they come in. If your business is leaning more towards the high-end spectrum, then chances are your towels even have your logo embroidered onto them.

A salon that uses re-usable, cotton towels looks more upscale – that is a fact. Plus, selling them with your embroidered logo can make you a pretty penny. Sadly, that is where the benefits come to an end.

After a long workday, instead of going home and relaxing, you have to grab each dirty towel that is used to cleaning hands, and workstations, car detailing towels, and kitchen towels that pick up any spills. Your trip isn’t over – you make your way to the cleaners or wash and dry them at home. Though towels being a pain to clean and dry, doing so also takes away much of your free time. Oh and let’s not get started on your water and electricity bills going up! Have you ever wondered how much water and electricity is being used monthly to keep them clean and dry? Let’s not forget that if towels are not washed and dried properly, they can spread head lice, harmful bacteria, ringworm, and other undesired fungi.

Disposable towels – Pros vs Cons

In recent years, the hair & beauty industry has jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon that most other businesses have been riding in for years. Today, salons are making the switch to being more environmentally friendly by using less-harmful products, reducing paper usage by choosing digital salon assistants, and using disposable towels! Now that is something you probably were not expecting –disposable paper towels are far more eco-friendly than cotton ones.

Definitely, they are not something to gawk at when compared to a cotton towel with an embroidered salon logo, but if your goal is to have an eco-friendly salon, then getting these is a must. Before the procurement of Cotton towels, they already use up a substantial amount of resources. Cotton requires a lot of space and water to grow – and water usage only gets worse once they are finally towels. Disposable towels, on the other hand, cut water and electricity usage down by at least 65%.

Best of all, you no longer have to rush to get your beauty salon towels washed, dried, and folded – many great disposable towel brands on the market cater specifically to businesses in the hair & beauty industry! Plus, chances are your client's favor eco-friendliness, so this gives them another reason to choose your salon! Mention that you have taken another step in being more green on your social media fan pages and website and start attracting clients who admire this approach!

Reusable or Disposable Towels – which is the best choice?

When it comes to choosing what works best for your salon, you need to assess your business model – do you run a luxury salon, and your business is well-renowned? If so, then having branded, reusable towels are probably something you would favor – as it shows the salon’s degree of “classy” and can be marketed for extra profit on the side.

However, this does not necessarily have to be true for all businesses, as many luxury salons have made the switch to more eco-friendly options. When you look for ways to cut down expenses and bills at the salon or want to create the greenest salon ever – then the choice here is obvious. Alongside your salon assistant and power-efficient hairdryers, lightbulbs, and non-toxic products, your disposable hair salon towels will be something to take pride in!

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