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2019, March

Perfect Outfit for your Beauty Salon Professionals !!
0 Perfect Outfit for your Beauty Salon Professionals !!

Here, we are going to see the different styles and varieties of Salon/Spa Apron for your employees to make a good first impression in front of your customers. Our Apron will be neat and stylish which give a positive impact on your business now and in future days.

Our Elegant Salon Aprons are used with Superior Quality breathable material for more comfort and ease of movement and designed with repellant to water, hair, color, and chemicals will not affect your regular uniform or dress.

Take a look at our Wide Collections of Salon Uniforms. Available in different Brands such as Fromm Apron, Diane Apron, 1907 Apron, and Charlene Aprons.


Salon Aprons from FROMM        Fromm Brand Apron


Fromm Brand Apron is made from lightweight polyester microfiber with an adjustable neck strap, waist ties in slimming pattern and front pockets that fits any person.

1907 Brand Apron



1907 Brand Apron with Full sleeve and sleeve-free in Polyester Microfiber Blend with Leopard Print Teflon fabric with adjustable neck strap, waist ties, and two angled pockets.



    Salon Aprons from Diane          Diane Brand Apron


Diane Brand Apron is available in a waterproof Nylon material with vinyl backing. Multiple pockets with adjustable neck and waist ties. There are a variety of sizes and a style varies one from the other aprons which are more durable and easy to care.




   Charlene Salon Aprons             Charlene Brand Aprons


Charlene Brand Aprons contains distinct varieties in quality, colors, texture, and styles. There are many variations from one style to another style such as adjustable neck strap, waist ties, lower pocket, middle pocket with zipper, chest and front pockets.


Ideal for Nail technician, Haircutting, Hair coloring, Beauty Therapist, etc… in Beauty, Barber, Nail, Tanning Salon or Spa, Massage Center, Treatment center and Beauty School.

Ultra Soft Eco-Friendly Microfiber Towels
0 Ultra Soft Eco-Friendly Microfiber Towels

A Microfiber Towel is woven with synthetic fiber, which has yarn that is finer than that of silk. Microfiber is made with a combination of polyester and polyamide (nylon). This type of fabric can able to attach itself to the smallest and microscopic dirt particles than the normal fabric.

The capillary action between the polyester and polyamide creates a high absorbency, which in turn enables the cloth to clean and polish at the same time. There are plenty of benefits of this fabric which will be used to clean effectively and have better absorbency more than seven times than that of the traditional 100% cotton fabric.

Microfiber Towel

Microfiber Softees towels are 6 times more durable than cotton and 7 times more absorbent. It can clean germs, bacteria, dust, dirt and other substance even it is wet or dry cloth and doesn’t need any chemicals or polishes. In this case, it is perfect for all disinfecting areas like salon, spa, kitchen and health facilities.

Our Diane Softees Microfiber Towels acts as an environment-friendly product that doesn’t require much water, eliminates waste particles and avoids the use of chemicals in cleaning your car, health care, and fitness equipment.

Microfiber Softees Towels

Unlike other towels, microfiber towels can be used much more than a hundred times before replacing the new one and safety for the day to salon/spa activities. Ideal for gym, athletics, and fitness persons which keeps the body cool and dry from moisture.

Microfiber towels should be washed and maintained separately without mixing with cotton and other fabric materials. If not, then the lint from the cotton fabric will penetrate the microfiber which leads to limit or eliminate the absorbency.

Use liquid detergent instead of powder and avoid bleach and fabric softeners while washing. Wash with cold/warm water based on the washing instructions and adding baking soda will eliminate odor and unwanted smell.

Check our wide range of Premium Quality Microfiber Towels.

Enhance Your Appearance with Stylish Salon Smocks
0 Enhance Your Appearance with Stylish Salon Smocks

Nowadays, appearance matters a lot in any industries especially Beauty Salon or Spa. As Salon/Spa owners wish to differentiate themselves and staff from the rest.

Salon apparel will give a comfortable feel to your hairdresser and beautician during their working hours and are extremely durable. Pick out from a wide range of designs what’s suit best for your place.

The Salon Smocks are made with 100% Breathable Crinkle Textured Nylon Taffeta Quality will resist water, stains, wrinkles, hair, or chemicals and save clothes from being ruined by bleach, dye, or wax. There are many variations from one style to another style such as Mandarin collar, Snap Button, Front Zipper, V-shape neck, Sleeveless or Short or Long Sleeve, and so on.


zipper-vestSalon Smockssnap-vest


The Types of Smocks with distinct Styles, Sizes, and Colors are


Anna Jacket Mandarin collar, Snap-button front
Zipper Jacket Straight or Elastic at sides of the waist, Crew neck, Short sleeve.
Colin Jacket Round neck with metal snap closure, Metal zipper front, Epaulettes and metal snaps in shoulders.
Dion Jacket Mandarin collar, Front Snap-button
Zipper Vest V- shape neck, Sleeveless, Front zip
Snap Vest Snap Closure, Two side pockets with zipper closure
Lab Coat Front Button with collar, Short/Long/Xtra Long Sleeve
Operator Coat Front Button, Round neck, Adjustable length, Short /Long sleeves
Kimono Gown/Wrap Long Gown/Wrap, 3/4 length sleeves


HY Supplies Inc. provides assured quality and durable Smocks Designs which will surely blow your mind!

Ideal for all Beauty, Barber, Nail, and Tanning Salons, Salon Spas, Massage Centers, and Beauty Schools.


Tips To Keep Your Towels Last Longer
0 Tips To Keep Your Towels Last Longer

Everyone wishes to maintain the quality and soft feel of the new towels, but it is missing after a few washes. We have put forth a few tips to prolong the life of the towels.

  • Immediate washing is required: Once you purchased the new towels, wash immediately with detergent at a high temperature followed by a cold rinse, it locks the fabric loop together. It also helps the skin from hurt due to the lack of unwanted loose threads and chemicals.
  • Sort the towels by color: Wash the towels separately based on different color varieties like white, light, and dark. Use different cycles and temperatures will give the best clean and will not affect the color and quality of the fabric. * Especially, wash black and charcoal color towels separately.
  • Use Baking Soda: Wash all your towels after each use with baking soda will remove the stain smell, avoids germs, loosen up the fiber, and also acts as a natural disinfectant. Adding half a cup of baking soda with the detergent will eliminate the odor and keeps the towels softer and increase better absorbency.
  • Replace fabric softeners with vinegar: Absorbency is important for any salon.  Fabric softeners contain silicon which makes towels water repellent, so use white vinegar; this will give back the softness and restore absorbency.
  • Don’t over Bleach: Usage of chlorine, bleach, and other chemicals will weaken the strength of the linen fiber and leads to tearing. Here comes, bleach-proof towels which won’t lose color or get damaged by the bleach.
  • Use of Detergent: Be conscious while using detergent, some detergent contains an optical brightening agent (OBA’s) which is great for white towels, but when it comes to color towels it will diminish the color. Adding a huge amount of detergent will also harm the quality of the towels.
  • Dryer: The towels should be properly dried before being ready to use. Moisture left in the towels will increase the growth of germs and bacteria which leads to bad smells. Overdrying the towels will destroy the strength of the fiber and spoil the towels too.
  • Don’t Overload: Loading too many towels will prevent better spinning which leads to the availability of dirt and detergent in the towels. To prevent extra load, try to wash it at the end of the day to have proper healthy towels. 

HY Supplies Inc. provides a wide variety of Towels for your beauty, barber, nail, and tanning salons, salon spas, massage centers, and beauty schools.



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