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2022, September

Why is it so essential to wash your car with Microfiber Towels?
0 Why is it so essential to wash your car with Microfiber Towels?

To maintain the new car’s shines, it is essential to wash your car regularly. Most often, we tend to ignore the kind of towels we use to wash our cars.

White terry towels for car washing have been extremely popular over the years; microfiber towels are quickly gaining popularity and are now considered one of the best car wash towels.

Let us look at the benefits microfiber towels provide in washing your car as compared to a regular car cleaning cloth:

Extremely effective - Microfiber is considered a magnet for dust and dirt. It does not even leave behind tiny strands of lint. When the fibers of a microfiber cloth brush against each other it creates a static charge which enhances their effectiveness, and hence it is considered a superior fabric for cleaning your car. Car wash towels typically just spread the dirt around.  Microfiber towels also have four times the surface area of cotton towels of the same size.

Studies have shown that while traditional mops remove 30 percent of surface bacteria, microfiber towels can remove up to 99 percent of the surface bacteria.

Gentle – The fibers of a microfiber towel are incredibly tiny (approximately 1/100 the diameter of a human hair), which makes them highly gentle on the surface they are used. A typical towel to wash cars may generate scratches, but a microfiber towel is exceptionally soft.

Microfiber cloths for cars are generally made of different variations of polyester and polyamide blends. The higher the polyamide, the greater the softness, making it extremely gentle on the car’s paint. Based on the surface of the car that you are washing, you can select an accurate microfiber towel. Automotive detailers know the blend that suits each surface—the painted surface, leather interior, windows, and windshields. They tend to purchase bulk car wash towels for each use and use auto detailing towels per their requirements.

Highly absorbent: Microfiber car wash towels can absorb multiple times their weight in water (typically eight times their weight), making them the ideal choice to dry vehicles. They also dry extremely quickly, reducing the chances of bacteria growing on their surface. Microfiber towels are thus considered the best towels for drying cars.

Cost-effective: Microfiber cloths are extremely durable and can sustain several washes before being worn out. Also, microfiber is extremely effective in picking up the smallest particles of dirt without having to use any kind of chemical-based products, making it not only cost-effective but also providing a safer environment. Along with microfiber, you would need just a minimum quantity of accompanying soap/solution to wash the surface; just a few drops will give effective results.

Microfiber towels are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and also in a huge assortment of colors to suit your needs. Most of these clothes do not need any kind of chemicals or bleach to clean them and are also machine washable.

What is a Zippered Pillow Protector? And How to Wash it?
0 What is a Zippered Pillow Protector? And How to Wash it?

Do your pillows always get dirty? You need a pillow protector, also known as a pillowcase, to safeguard your pillows. There are different pillowcases, such as Oxford and hospital pillowcases, but zippered pillow protectors are the best. They do not come off the pillow as they remain intact with a zip.

Moreover, even in the case of disposable pillows such as disposable hospital pillows, a pillow protector is essential. At the same time, it is not just sufficient to get a pillow cover but also to maintain it. So, keep reading to know how you can wash a zippered pillow protector to make it last longer.

Tips To Wash Zippered Pillow Protectors to Make Them Last Long

Dip in Lukewarm Water Before Cleaning Begins

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your pillowcases? If it has been a long time, you will have to wash it thoroughly. Before you begin with the cleaning process, it is advisable to dip the case into lukewarm water for about an hour. The main reason is to help the dirt dissolve and make cleaning easier. Otherwise, the dirt will be stuck here and there if you start cleaning straight away. So make sure to dip the pillowcase in lukewarm water, even if it is a waterproof pillow protector.

Make Use of Mild Detergents for Washing

When you start cleaning the pillowcase, only use safe detergents. The chemical being used shouldn't be harsh as it can damage the fibers of the pillowcase. Simultaneously, it is better to go for hand washing over machine washing. Put a few drops of detergent in water and rub the case with your palms. It is also necessary to remember that frequent washes are not required. In case a small spot of the pillow gets dirty, then only clean that area with detergent.

Avoid Using Excessive Heat on Pillow Case

Be it hospital pillows or microgel pillows, a pillowcase is a must to protect it. In such a situation, the pillows would be protected only if the covering is durable. Just washing it will not ensure that it will last long. At the same time, it is also necessary to keep it away from excessive heat. For the same, ensure that the heat from your dryer is moderate. Even if you plan to dry the pillowcase under natural light, keep it away from direct sunlight. So care also matters after cleaning the pillowcase.

The tips mentioned above will ensure that not just a zippered pillow protector but any case remains clean. Along with its proper cleaning, ensure to dust it regularly. Pillows do not just help you have a sound sleep but also decorate your bedroom. It is, therefore, necessary to make the pillowcases last a long time to protect pillows.

10 Types of robes – Fabric used and their uses
0 10 Types of robes – Fabric used and their uses

Famous Japanese Kimono Robes

The list will be incomplete if the famous kimono-style robe is not mentioned. They look elegant and traditional as it are made of silk. It is an excellent bath accessory and can even be used as a nightgown. It is available both in length and in short styles and is found in spas.

Trendy Hooded Robes

No doubt people love hoodies, and the same concept has been incorporated into bathrobes. Now, bathrobes also come with a hood to cover wet hair. It is perfect for anyone looking for warmth after a comfortable bath. There are both women’s and men's bathrobes with hoods available in different lengths.

Quick Absorbent Terry Cloth Robes

If you do not want to dry yourself up quickly after hot showers, then get terrycloth robes for hotels. The best part is that they are comfortable on the skin and will help you get dry. It comes in different sizes and lengths, making it easy to find the appropriate one for you. Along with that, they look stylish, and they are perfect for all occasions.

Velvety Cotton Bathrobe

If you are searching for a bathrobe that feels cotton but has a velvety approach, buy a cotton velour robe. They stretch like cotton and fit perfectly to any size body. The velour bathrobes come in two materials: cotton and polyester. Moreover, they are soft and comfy due to their velvety touch.

Incredibly Soft and Absorbent Waffle-Weave Bathrobe

If your skin is sensitive and cannot tolerate roughness even a bit, then get a waffle weave bathrobe. They are fast-drying robes that are used both at home and in the spa. Its advantage is that people of all ages can use it in all climatic conditions.

White Dressing Gowns for Relaxation

Unlike bathrobes, white dressing gowns are only used indoors and when you get dressed up. You will find them in spas as well as in makeup rooms. Its primary purpose is to help you relax indoors but cannot be used for drying like bathrobes. The only similarity between robes and dressing gowns is that they both are loose-fitting robes.

Collar Robes to Look Classy

Are you a fan of collared outfits? Then never miss out on collar robes as they look classy and stylish at all times. You can use them indoors, outdoors in spas, and in every other place you want. You will also find this type of bathrobe for couples in similar colors for twinning.

Zipped Robes to Give a Modern Touch

Unlike kimono-style bathrobes, zipped robes do not have a tie. Many are not comfortable wearing robes with ties. In such a situation, zipped robes come in handy to them. Anyone can purchase it from a vendor selling hotel bathrobes in bulk.

Plush Robes for a Soft Touch

Plush robes are the best choice for you when you are high on comfort. It is called plush robes for the same reason as it resembles a soft toy. These robes will make you feel warm and cozy on all occasions.

Bed Jackets for a Non-Bulky Feeling

Do you feel that bathrobes are too heavy and bulky for you? That doesn't mean you have to give up on bathrobes. It is because you can still use it in the form of bed jackets. They resemble jackets and do not have any zipper or string to them.

Now you know the correct type of rope that will fulfill your needs. It is no longer confusing for you to select one out of so many options of bathrobes. Always look for comfort while purchasing any robe.

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