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Barber Shaving and Cleaning Towels

Barber Shaving and Cleaning Towels

Barber Towels

Towels for Barber Shops

Want to make your salon and spa customers fascinated by a perfect haircut and close shave?

Our premium barber towels will provide the salon and spa's expected haircut and clean shave results.

Now it’s time to buy!

Barber Towels Barber Towels
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Grill Pad Towel

$241.33 / 50 Dz. Ctn. $344.76
100% Cotton Cleaning Grill Towel Pad, Maximum AbsorptionSoft Towel. Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your Location

Barber towels materials and their different categories

Our barber towel products are made of 100% cotton, and they are available in different categories, such as, 

•    Center Stripe Barber Towels
•    Economy Salon Towels 
•    Lint Free Absorbent Towels

Center Stripe Barber towels sizes and colors

Center Stripe Barber towels are available in standard sizes of 15" x 26" and 15" x 25".These towels are available in different color combinations such as White w/Green Stripe and White w/red Stripe. 

Economy salon towels sizes and colors

Economy salon towel comes in a standard size of 16" x 27" with white color.

Lint-free absorbent towels sizes and colors

Lint Free Absorbent Towels come in a single standard size of 16" x 26" in distinct colors such as white, yellow, green, and blue. 


Salon towels are important in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness during grooming sessions. They help remove hair and sweat, providing the client with a clean and comfortable experience. Barber apparels create a positive impression on clients, fostering trust and confidence. These towels help improve the overall aesthetics of the salon. These towels improve clients' comfort during and after grooming services. Barbershop towels can be used for various applications, from wiping and cleaning surfaces to cleaning tools. Salon towels and apparel are generally made from cotton for extended shelf life and increased durability.


Center Stripe Barber Towels are made from 100% cotton. This fabric features a herringbone weave for extra strength and absorption. This cloth comes with a center stripe pattern. Hair Cutting Towel - 16"x 27" - 2.75 Lbs is made from 100% cotton 10s. Lint Free Cleaning Cloth - 16" x 26" is 100% cotton. These products are ideal for salons, spas, nail salons, tanning salons, and beauty parlors.


Barber Shaving and Cleaning Towels are categorized as Center Stripe Barber towels, Economy Hair Dressing, and Lint Free Cleaning Towels. Barber towels and apparel are available to purchase in bulk for cost-saving purposes.


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