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2021, October

The chef apron protects you from the mess!!
0 The chef apron protects you from the mess!!

The chef apron is a unique garment designed mainly for people working in the kitchen since it helps them protect themselves from the mess in the kitchen. People used to wear aprons in front of their body. It may have several purposes, but today it is considered a functional accessory that protects one's clothes and skin from stains and marks. 

An apron is also considered the uniform for those working in bakery restaurants and salons. Aprons are also worn as a decoration for hygienic reasons; they also prevent heat and acids. The apron is considered to be a tool to hold or carry some pieces. An apron is usually held in place by two ribbon-like strips of cloth tied at the back. Aprons are usually made up of cotton, nylon, and leather. These are the three common materials that are used to make the apron. They also use three-by-five-foot pieces of fabric. Aprons act as a barrier.

There are three types of chef aprons available in HY Supplies Inc., as follows:

  •  Bib Aprons
  •  Waist Aprons
  •  Bistro Chef Aprons

Bib Aprons

bib apron is the type of apron known as French chefs apron" or a "barbecue apron, and it is one of the oldest aprons; it was first made from fabric scraps. This apron's practical design and full coverage have made it an appealing choice for workers. Bib aprons are more useful for kitchen and cooking staff to protect their upper bodies from stains and splatters. 

Waist Aprons

A waist apron is made to fit snugly around hipsIt is the most popular apron used in the field of hospitality since it has a front pocket. It is also known as a severe apron. This apron protects the lower body. Its machine washable and waist aprons are made up of polyester and cotton blend. The waist apron has the other name, a half apron.

Bistro Chef Aprons

Chef aprons are nothing but a bib aprons, which is usually well-designed with adjustable neck straps. It looks stylish just because of commercial usage as a uniform. Traditionally, the purpose of the apron is also to protect the wearer's garments from food stains and smells.

The primary purpose of professional chef aprons is protection from the heat. chef uses white aprons because they can bleach, so the stains aren't permanent. Additionally, white is also reflective, repelling heat instead of absorbing it. There are colored aprons too.

We supply all the aprons at wholesale rates in high quality. It is heat-resistant and has high durability. It's time to buy and use once you feel the comfort. 


Wash your Car with Towels and make it shine!!
0 Wash your Car with Towels and make it shine!!

In this modern era, the automobile has become part of our lives, especially the car. We have at least one car in every home now. To wash your car, you need to have high-quality car wash towels that help you keep your car clean and shiny. 

The car towels are made up of extra microfiber material and have silk banded edges to remove swirls and scratches in the car. The size of the car towel will be 26 to 35 inches, which is used to clean big cars, SUVs, and so on. This type of towel features adding fibers in a spiral pattern to get extra absorbency. These towels are very soft, and I think there is another towel used in a car wash that is detailing towels. The primary usage of this towel is to wipe off the dirt, debris, dust, and other particles from the car's surface. It also helps in removing the wax from the car.

Towels are available at HY Supplies Inc. and are listed as follows: 

  •   Microfiber Towels 
  •   Detailing Towels
  •   Cotton Terry Towels
  •   Cleaning Cloths               

 Car Towels

Car towels are made up of cotton and microfiber; they are a type of synthetic material specially made for cars from polyester and polyamide.

Microfiber Towels

A microfiber Towel is considered invaluable when it comes to car wash since it is highly absorbent. It has thousands of tiny fibers stuck up and removes the liquid from a vehicle's surface. 

Microfiber can absorb eight times its weight in water. It is the main reason to consider microfiber towels as the best towels for the car wash.

Detailing Towels

Detailing Towels are made up of cotton, which is used to wipe off dust particles from the car's surface. It also helps to wax it. The best car detailing is the 70/30 blend. However, an 80/20 blend can also work. The Waffle weaves are super absorbent and are best suited for a car wash.

Terry Towels

Terry towel are made of fabric woven with so many protruding loops of thread used to absorb a large amount of water, This type of towel is used to clean cars during the rainy season.

Cleaning cloths

It is the type of cloth used to clean specific objects, such as cotton fabric, which has a spongy woven texture. It is aided by two-needle bars, which makes the cloth easy to handle. These are lint-free cleaning cloths used extensively for cleaning and polishing.

We supply all the products with high quality and durability at wholesale price at a meager cost. Time to buy!!           

Table cloths with fire-resistance!!
0 Table cloths with fire-resistance!!

Fire-resistant tablecloths that meet the most standards requirement. These tablecloths are specially made for fire resistance, meaning that no flame retardancy treatment will ever wash out or fade table covers. Fire-resistant and flame-resistant are products that are designed to be non-combustible at the chemical level. It is self-extinguish without melting, dripping when it is exposed to extreme heat. The fabrics which are used will burn, but some are more explosive than others. The fibers like cotton and linens are synthetic fabrics that resist ignition, such as nylon, acrylic, or polyester.

Table linens provide you with compliant textiles to local and State Fire Marshal and convention center inspection requirements with certificates and individually sewn-in IFR product tags on the inside of each fitted tablecloth. A white tablecloth acts as a tool to communicate at the overall level of formality. For casual events, it's appropriate; for formal events, a drop is more fitting.

Linens create a mood for the meal in the customer, irrespective of the situation like festive, elegant and romantic, or severe and professional. Linens help to create a unified look and are designed to withstand daily use while disposable covers. The table cloths are available in several shapes like round, square, etc., in the Centers like Event Hall or other events or public buildings, flame-resistant linens are required. The Polyester Table Linens meet the NFPA 701-2010 test-1 flame resistance test standards.

Materials available in HY Supplies are as follows

  • Napkins
  • Round Tablecloths
  • Square Tablecloths
  • Banquet Tablecloths
  • Fitted Tablecloths
  • Table Skirts
  • Pipe & Drape


It is made up of cloth or paper used at mealtime to wipe the fingers or lips and protect the garment. Linen is one of the common materials used in making table napkins. These napkins are crafted from pure linen that is mercerized and dyed. Elegant napkins and tablecloths are made with fine linen.

Round Tablecloths

The round tablecloth is the standard tablecloth that inspired visions of gallant Knights, chivalry, and, of course, in modern times, this type of tablecloth is considered particularly appropriate when the requirement is for a group of guests.

Square Tablecloths

The square tablecloth is mainly used in a romantic situation in a good restaurant. Just imagine the music, the aromas, and the ambiance. That's a square tablecloth. The type of tablecloth is the best platform for romance.

Banquet Table Cloths

The banquet tablecloth is Skirting & Overlays for a Round / Straight Tables appearance.

Fitted Tablecloths

Fitted tablecloths are popular tablecloths it is designed to fit snugly around a table. ''Someone hasn't just thrown a cloth over that.' ‘It is one of the best remarkable serving tablecloths for events which, on one side, have a decorative side that masks unpleasant to a sub-table storage area.

Table Skirts

Table skirts are cloth or paper which is used to cover the edges of the table. It is used to hide legs or to make the table more decorative. Table skirts are in the panel and can be used according to the needs.

Pipe and Drapes

Pipe and Drape is a weighted steel base, which provides a drape support frame with removable drape panels.

We supply high-quality Polyester Fire Retardant tablecloths in different sizes and shapes at a wholesale rate to buy them, enjoy the comfort and have high durability.

Beauty lies in the looks and the Accessories
0 Beauty lies in the looks and the Accessories

A hair salon is one of the most integrated parts of our lives since it plays a vital role in making the exterior look beautiful and presentable in front of others. It was first started in 1888 in Rochester by Martha Matilda Harper by devoting her pocket money. It became popular during the 1950s.

According to the French Revolution, the hair salon is seen as a symbol of the cultural development of France. It has a significant impact on our culture and looks since people have started to judge a person by their looks. The hair salon has become very advanced nowadays. There are many modern hair salon accessories such as diverse combs, hairbrushes, trimmers, and several accessories for women. Women's hair salons have become more popular since they develop new hairstyles such as hair coloring, hair drying, hair trimming, etc. 

Types of Salon Accessories from HY Supplies Inc.

  •  Combs
  •  Shears
  •  Hairbrushes 


A comb is a tool that has a shaft that holds a row of teeth to pull through the hair to clean, untangle, or style it. The combs have been used since prehistoric times, around 5,000 years ago.

  • Picks and Lifts
  • Barber Combs
  • Lice Combs
  • Tortoise

Hairstyling Combs

The most stylish combs used for detangling wet hair is also known as basin comb. It is used to treat damaged hair with its wide-spaced teeth to prevent the breakage of hair. The teeth of the comb are rounded. It's very gentle on the hair. It's not getting snagged in the hair.

Picks and Lifts

It is the type of comb that is like a fan-shaped, flat, fluffy makeup brush in various sizes. It has lots of uses. Mainly, it is used for coloring, blush, and blending.

Barber Combs

The barbers use this type of combs to cut short hair using scissors; the comb itself tapers from thick to thin and can blend the hair. It is a multipurpose comb.

Lice Combs

These salon combs are used along with shampoo, which is used to spread and remove anything like nits in the hair. It will have several rounds in terms of tropical treatment, which still requires some effect.


This type of comb is one of the oldest combs, which is used in the salon to comb the hair others to embellish It helps to hold it in place, and it was used to decorate ladies' hair in the nineteenth century.


It is the cutting instrument with two blades in it, typically large, and it is used to cut the hair in the salon. It is also used to cut the rose from the plant. This type of salon shears is of premium quality and helps stylishly shape the hair. It is available wholesale for hairstylists and beauticians. This type of salon shears has ten blades in it, has high durability, and has  easy replacement of the blades. It contains a dispenser box in it.


Hairbrushes are essential salon accessories in terms of ladies' salons since they use brushes for almost everything. It has two types rollers and men's brushes. 

  • Rollers
  • Men's Brushes

Hair Rollers

It is the type of brush used by the ladies to roll and cure their hair as they like; it's an essential accessory in ladies salon.

Men's Brushes

There are different types of brushes for men, such as Camo Military Brush, Club Brush, etc., which helps the hair grow.

Men's Grooming

Trimmers are salon accessories; when it comes to men's grooming nowadays, the trimmer is produced with an advanced and high-quality trimmer.

Salon accessories' are the essential thing for every human being to groom themselves and be presentable. 

Textiles and Medicine go hand in hand.
0 Textiles and Medicine go hand in hand.

Healthcare textiles are the products and costumes used in hospitals; these textiles play a vital role in hospitals, especially after the coronavirus outbreak, and are used in different medical sectors. The materials used in hospitals are made up of fabrics, which gives comfort to both the patient and the doctor. Wholesale healthcare textiles have several things such as Personal protective equipment which has become the need of the hour after the coronavirus, and it also has scrubs, lab coats, Pajama Shirts & Pants, Bed & Bath Linens, etc. These products are designed according to the patient's needs; they have different materials for kids and adults. These products are used in spas, nursing homes, and chiropractic centers.

 Types of healthcare materials from HY Supplies Inc.

There are several types of healthcare textile material which are used in hospitals, such as

  •  Bed & Bath Linens
  •  Medical and hospital gowns,
  •  Doctor’s Coat
  •  Hospital Uniforms,
  •  Terry Bibs Clothes, and
  •  Fenestrated & Solid Drape

Bed & Bath Linens

The Bed & Bath Linen is used in the bathrooms of the hospitals to stand on it while you dry yourself after the bath; it is a heavy white towel made up of linen cloths.

Hospital Scrubs

 It is a protective garment designed to be used up by the doctor, nurse, and others in the operating room, or, in other words, operation theatres. It was initially a gown that doctors wore during surgeries. These scrubs have different colors, such as blue, green pink Out of these three colors, green and blue are predominantly used in hospitals

Medical Gowns

Medical gowns are nothing but the three-letter word we often hear in our ears now: personal protective equipment (PPE), which the doctors used to wear in the hospital while attending the patient. It acts as a barrier between doctors and patients. It is the essential textile material in the hospital, and it is made up of 3 layers of non-woven fabrics.

Doctor’s coat / Lab Coat

A doctor's coat is usually loose-fitting with deep pockets it’s also known as a lab coat in white, and it's a knee-length overcoat. This coat is made up of cotton, linen, polyester, or a mixture of both and can be washed in high temperatures.

Fenestrated & Solid Drape

Fenestrated sheets, or drape sheets, are frequently used in minor surgical procedures to perform surgery on specific parts of patients. Because it is disposable, it can protect and prevent cross-infection between patients and doctors, and it is easy and effective to use.

Terry Bibs Clothes

These clothes are used to protect kids from any liquid or food that may fall during feeding sessions, which is hard to handle.

We supply high-quality linen products and durability in terms of usage and at wholesale price. Feel the comfort. You will not be disappointed.

Feel the Performance with Dazzling Door Wraps
0 Feel the Performance with Dazzling Door Wraps

Door wraps are the design or a graphic print attached to both interior and exterior sides of doorways. They are well attached to most surfaces, including glass, metal, and wood. They can cover an entire doorway, the door wraps can be attached to even for a small gap in a door, and it can also be in windows to make the window look attractive.

Door wraps are the one which is easy to install on the sides of a door. They can absorb heat and gives happiness to the audience when they get to witness something extraordinary on stage. They can automatically get an attraction towards the character performing on stage, which may lead to good marketing and branding of a product based on the audience watching the performance. 

Advertising Door Wraps

Door Wraps Make Places Attractive:

Door wraps are something that makes your home or a restaurant looks attractive. The Spandex Fiber material is mainly used indoors and windows to make the audience or nearby people attractive. In a restaurant, they use different door wraps based on food, nature, etc., to make the interior and exterior of the restaurant look attractive. It may differ from each restaurant; some may have theme-based door wraps, and some restaurants will change it according to the seasons. When it comes to shopping malls, they will have door wraps in the lifts to attract the audience; it is the best way of advertising.

Since it's a surprise and a delight to the customer to buy something they missed, it's one way of branding a particular product to its targeted audience. 

Door Wraps Meant for Shows 

Door wraps are mainly used in various stage shows like drama, dance, and musical events in foreign countries. They used to decorate the stage using various door wraps design based on the theme in which they will perform the door wrap to elevate their performance. Door wraps will make the stage look so attractive in front of the audience. Door wraps are used in walls in which they are performing. It will uplift the looks of the stage, especially when you are performing a drama on the stage. The audience will get attracted by the door wraps that bring the visual appeal mainly to the youngsters in dance shows and musical events. The door wrap is imprinted on both sides of the stage, with several graphics on it.

Door Wraps for Wholesale

Door wraps are the product which is used for wholesale since it is mainly used in events like trade shows, stage shows, home decorations, etc. As it is imprinted on both sides and fits into a small gap, s are for so that people can buy various designs of door wraps wholesale at a low cost. The customer will have lots of options to choose from, including having door wraps in bulk, especially for the trade show industry.





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