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Patient Exam Gowns in Bulk

Patient Exam Gowns in Bulk

Patient Exam Gowns

The patients use exam gowns for regular exams, and the patients can use official use for medical testing without compromising modesty. Mammography exam gowns are designed specifically for pregnant women. They are comfortable to use at delivery time. Mammography kimono-style gowns are made of heavy fabric with feminine rosebud print with better waist length.

It is available in 4 shades and 5 standard sizes. They are ideal for hospitals, health care centers, and diagnostic units. Snap-front mammography capes have rosebud prints with a better waist length. The snap front avoids disturbances during the exam and medical procedures for pregnant women. Kimono-style X-ray gowns have an overlapping front with a heavy fabric blend of polyester and cotton blend. These gowns are lengthy knee-length and will cover the whole body. It is available in 6 shades and 5 standard sizes. 3-arm hole Tri-Wrap Examination Gown has no ties, snaps, or hooks to interfere with the X-ray procedure. It will provide complete modesty to the patient by covering the entire body.

Exam gowns are categorized into wholesale mammography gowns, examination, and X-ray gowns. Mammography exam gowns are classified into mammography kimono-style gowns and snap-front mammography capes. Examination and X-ray gowns are classified into kimono-style X-ray and 3-arm hole Tri-Wrap Examination Gown.

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