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Healthcare Inner

Healthcare Textiles, Medical Apparels, and Healthcare Linens.

Textile structures designed and manufactured for use in healthcare are called healthcare textiles. HY Supplies Inc. is a leading global supplier of healthcare textiles. Medical fabrics and hospital linens add comfort and style to medical spaces. Textile products for healthcare include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as medical gowns, patient gowns, surgical towels, scrubs, lab coats, thermal blankets, etc.

As the leader of wholesale healthcare textiles supplies in the USA, HY Supplies Inc. maintains an extensive product inventory & prides itself on short lead times. We provide High-Quality Healthcare Textiles, medical apparel, and healthcare linens to hospitals and healthcare centers, senior care, nursing homes, assisted living, medical spas, and chiropractic centers. Our Inventory has the following products.

  • Bed & Bath Linens
  • Hospital Scrubs
  • Hyperbaric Linens
  • Medical /Hospital Gowns
  • Doctors' Coat / Hospital Uniforms
  • Patient Robes
  • Pajama Shirts & Pants
  • Incontinent Reusable Underpads
  • Terry Bibs Clothes
  • Fenestrated & Solid Drapes


Medical lab coats play a vital role in preserving hygiene and comfort in the healthcare environment. These textiles give protection against harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs. Hospital Bed Sheets generally tend to be made from cotton or polyester blends to give the fabric a long-lasting life. These clothes are built in such a way that they retain their color and quality even after repeated washings.


Twill Patient Gown is made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester with twill weave. Imperial Patient Gowns are made of heavyweight polyester and cotton sheeting. Hospital scrubs are made of 73% polyester, 25% rayon, and 2% spandex. Premium T-130 Sheets is made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester. Basic Economy Wholesale Towels 10's is made from 100% cotton with a 10's yarn. HaloShield Odor Control Underpad has ultra-soft layers and features high-level absorbency. HealthDri Men’s Breathable Reusable Briefs – Heavy Absorbency is made in the USA and feature moderate odor control.


Healthcare products are categorized as wholesale healthcare gowns, medical apparel wholesale, medical and hospital linens, and home healthcare. Wholesale healthcare gowns are sub-categorized as patient gowns, barrier gowns, reusable isolation gowns, medical cover gowns, maternity and nursing gowns, patient exam gowns in bulk, and pediatric and youth hospital gowns. Medical Apparels Wholesale are sub-categorized as medical scrubs - shirts and pants, warm-up scrub jackets, unisex medical lab coats, reusable underpads for bed, consultation/dental jackets, and hyperbaric clothing and sheet supplies. Bath Linens are sub-categorized as hospital bed sheets, hospital towels wholesale, hospital thermal blankets, hospital privacy shower curtains, adult bibs and slipper socks, fenestrated solid drapes and wrappers, hospital protective bedding mattresses, and hygienic elements and PPE items. Home healthcare is sub-categorized as elderly incontinence care products, incontinence products with odor-control technology, home healthcare apparel, bedding and allergy-relief products wholesale, and diabetic skin care and foot care products.


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