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What are the different types of Medical gowns used in hospitals and healthcare centers?

What are the different types of Medical gowns used in hospitals and healthcare centers?

A hospital gown is a collarless gown that ties in the back. It is worn by patients being examined or treated in a doctor's office, clinic, or hospital. There are several other names for hospital gowns, like lap over gown, dignity gown, popper gown, and pullover gown. 

These hospital gowns are explicitly designed for medical professionals and staff who can readily access the part of the patient's body or do the examination. These gowns are made of fabric that will resist the effect of repeated hot water laundering.  

The global hospital gown market is growing due to the increasing number of surgeries and other medical procedures. People are being admitted to hospitals to treat their illnesses and thus need hygienic and clean clothing. Hospital gowns are also called Johnny gowns.

Types of medical gowns used in the hospital

Doctors and other medical personnel wear these gowns to protect the wearer from fluids, germs, and bacteria. These gowns are referred to by several names, including surgical gowns, isolation gowns, surgical isolation gowns, procedural gowns, and operating room gowns. There are several types of medical gowns, like

  • Surgical gowns:
  • Coveralls gowns 
  • Surgical and surgical isolation gowns:

Surgical gowns

Surgical gowns are used for multipurpose purposes; it are worn when there is a moderate risk of contamination, but medical personnel still need more protection than just their scrubs. When it comes to higher-risk areas of contamination, they have a multi-ply material that is usually coated or treated to provide fluid resistance.

Coveralls gowns

These gowns are made of plastic or waterproof fabric that repels fluid. And is worn when a high level of protection is needed (for instance, when working with blood that could transmit hepatitis or HIV)

Surgical and surgical isolation gowns

These gowns are specially made for surgery, as the name suggests. Surgical gowns are mainly used to control the procedures when the risk of contamination and splashes is lower. Protection is concentrated mainly on the cuffs up to the elbows and the front from the chest.

Isolation gowns give more protection for the upper chest and arms and the rest of the body. They are used during surgical treatment with a higher risk of contamination.

Patient Gowns

Patients also wear gowns for various medical reasons and procedures, whether a routine check-up or an experimental surgery. 

There are several types of patient gowns, like

  • Disposable Gowns 
  • Classic patient gown:
  • Isolation-V gowns      

Disposable gowns

disposable gown is a gown that is usually made of paper and is designed to be used once and thrown away. While it is cheaper to purchase than fabric gowns, the cost may increase over time as disposable gowns cannot be reused.

Classic patient gown

The classic hospital gown is most likely to have been worn before. The front panel of the gown provides full coverage, while the back is cut down the middle so the gown can easily be put on and taken off. 

Isolation IV gowns

These gowns have been specially made for the shoulders to provide easy access to an IV line that may be left hanging open or lined with snaps so that the sleeves can be opened and closed as needed.

Gowns used in the healthcare center

There are various gowns in healthcare centers, such as

  • Barrier gown
  • Reusable Full Barrier Isolation Gown
  • Isolation Gown Level: 2 

Barrier gown

Barrier gowns, also known as surgical gowns, are made from a breathable, textile-like, spun lace material that is comfortable to wear. They are economical, too. 

Reusable Full Barrier Isolation Gown

Isolation gowns are the best for personal protective equipment used in healthcare settings. It protects the hospital workers from spreading any infection or illness if they come into contact with potentially infectious liquid and solid material. No virus is found at the end of the test; it is reused.

Isolation Gown Level: 2 

The level 2 isolation gown is used at a time of low-risk 

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