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2021, February

How to Select the Best Tablecloth Material for Your Event?
0 How to Select the Best Tablecloth Material for Your Event?

A tablecloth gives an additional touch that makes the event more beautiful. Of course, you are not going to choose the same tablecloth material for each event. In this article, we are going to know about choosing the material that’s right for your occasion (and other useful tablecloth tips!)

Different Kinds of Event are You Throwing

The type of tablecloth you are looking to get depends on the type of event you are planning to throw.

For having a dinner party, chances are you are only going to need one tablecloth, which means you can afford to splurge on a more expensive tablecloth.

For a children’s birthday party, disposable and themed tablecloths can be used.

For working with a wedding or a fancier event, you will have to look at both budget and the number of tablecloths that you need to use. It is important to set a budget for yourself so you know exactly the quality of the tablecloth you are going to be able to get.

Tablecloth Material to Choose From

 All materials do not suit all occasions, so before you buy, make sure you choose according to your event needs. You can find all these types of tablecloths and more from HY Supplies Inc.


Polyester is a synthetic material designed to be more durable than others. It is useful for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Polyester typically doesn’t have a high price point, but if you are going to use it for many tablecloths, the bill can add up. Polyester is reusable, and machine washable.

It has more shine than a cotton tablecloth and comes off silkier to the touch. It is the ideal choice of tablecloth for a semi-formal dining scenario or fancy outdoor picnic. It is also wrinkle-resistant, so you won't have the urge to run over it with an iron before the event begins.


Linen is a natural fiber that is more suitable for a more traditional tablecloth. Depending on the make, the fabric is stiff to the touch so it is not suitable for formal events, but can be a great option for outdoor picnics and events.

As it has a natural moisture-wicking property, linen becomes another popular choice for outdoor tablecloths. The texture gives an old-fashioned vibe and can be machine washed.


A silk tablecloth adds elegance and grace to your event. These tablecloths, however, are often pricey. It is most commonly used at formal get-togethers like weddings. Silk tablecloth often comes embroidered, which adds even more of a unique and classy touch to the occasion. Since the cost of silk is too high, silk tablecloths are usually available for rent to save costs.


A vinyl tablecloth is a distinct tablecloth that comes to your mind when you first think of a tablecloth. Its extreme durability makes it stand apart from other tablecloths. There is no need for any spills or drop on the tablecloth since it will slide right off. It is usually available in fun prints that lend easily to a themed party.


The cotton tablecloth is the ideal choice for everyday use, that too for indoor use. Cotton is less suitable for prolonged outdoor use since it tends to deteriorate or and expose to more extreme weather conditions like heat or rain.

Cotton typically has a low price point. It is more suitable for a dining room table or kitchen table to add a more formal look and clean-off spots where people may have spilled with a sponge or rag.

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Laboratory Coats – A Life Saver
0 Laboratory Coats – A Life Saver

Laboratory Coat known as Lab Coat is a primary means of protection in the laboratory environment. They are the first line of Defense. They combine with other appropriate PPE and engineering controls. A Lab coat is considered necessary medical apparel that is used for many operations involving toxic. It acts as barrier protection from direct contact due to hazardous substances in the laboratory and prevents the non-obvious contamination of clothes. Lab coats are used to prevent accidents in the lab as well as to protect from spills and splashes during unanticipated reactions. However, some additional protective garments are required with an appropriate lab coat such as rubber aprons, Safety Glasses, Safety goggles, Gloves, and Rubber Gauntlets, etc.

Lab Coats are available in a variety of materials based on the degrees of protection. Such as Splash resistant coats, Static-free, Chemical resistant coats, and Flame resistant coats.

Laboratory coats are knee-length overcoats that are worn by lab professionals. Lab coats are made from polyester-Cotton blends which are not less than 35% cotton used commonly where there are no open flames. Lab coats must be made of 100% cotton. Flame-resistant materials should be used when open flames are used. Ex: Alcohol Burners.

Choosing the Right Lab Coat:

  • Usage of appropriate material for encountering hazards.
  • Tight Cuffs (Knitted / Elastic)
  • Proper Fit

Usage of a Lab Coat:

The following points have to be observed while the lab coat in use:

  • A good crisp lab coat will always give a professional look.
  • There are Custom sizes available e.g., Extra-long sleeves, tall, or Woman’s fit.
  • Must be fastened close to the collar for optimal protection.
  • Must be Fully Buttoned or snapped with sleeves down.
  • Lab coats must be used only in the lab or work area.
  • Remove lab coats when leaving the lab, to lunch, to the restroom, to meetings in conference rooms, or while going home.                                                                                                                                 


               polycotton-exposed-snaps-with-2-hip-pockets-sold-in-dozen                fluid-resistance-lab-coat                                                  

Laundering and Disposal of Lab Coats:

Lab coats should be washed regularly. Lab coats should not be taken to a home for laundering. Clean non-disposable Lab coats are to be routinely by use of a laundry service through work area washers and dryers. Each type of lab coat is always grouped and washed thoroughly in a processed manner.

  • Provide storage for both soiled and cleaned coats.
  • Coats used for radioactive material should be disposed of as radioactive waste.
  • In case of any chemical contamination, the coat has to be disposed of in a chemical waste container.
  • In case of any Biological contamination, the coat has to be disposed of in a biological waste container.

Autoclaving of Lab Coats:

Autoclaving is one of the sterilization processes used to sterilize lab coats using high-pressure steam. Lab Coats have to be autoclaved in a clear autoclave bag that is properly labeled. The bag must be opaque so that the contents will not be mistaken for bio-waste.

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Vital Role of Isolation Gowns and Surgical Gowns
0 Vital Role of Isolation Gowns and Surgical Gowns

One among the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes Isolation Gowns. The main purpose of Isolation Gown is to prevent the wearer from several infections due to contagious viruses, bacteria from liquid, and solid materials. These Gowns are specially designed to protect the clothes from moisture and soil in case of direct patient care. Gowns need not be sterilised always unless otherwise, it serves the purpose in an aseptic procedure like; central line insertion, operation theatre.

Gowns should be stored in a tidy area with wall-mounted storage units which should be cleaned regularly. Gowns ought to be changed accordingly to the needs of patient care.

Gowns must be disposed of properly and carefully avoiding the chance of touching the outer surface. The gown should be rolled like a ball before it is disposed to its respective waste receptacle. Decontamination of hands is necessary after the removal of Gowns and Gloves.

There are different types of Gowns available for different purposes such as Anti-Static Isolation Gowns, Surgical Gowns, Reusable isolation Gowns, Fluid Resistance Gowns, Barrier Gowns, Patient Gowns, and Hospital Gowns that are used in the Healthcare Industry.   

Anti-Static Isolation Gowns :


                    Anti-Static Isolation Gowns                    

Anti – Static Isolation gowns are made of polypropylene, polyester, or polyethylene which are anti-static, dustproof, breathable, and washable that is commonly used in hospitals. This type of Disposable protective equipment is used by the clinical staff to manage Class A infectious diseases. 

Disposable Isolation gowns are to be discarded after a single use. They are constructed with non-woven materials. This will prevent liquid penetration such as plastic films. Such isolation gowns are manufactured using synthetic fibers. 

The protective gown must have liquid barrier function, flame retardant, and anti-static properties which help in breaking strength, elongation at break, filtration Efficiency, and other requirements. Protective Gowns can prevent and isolate dust, particle, alcohol, blood, bacteria, and virus invasion. Used for food processing and handling, medical, surgical, pharmaceutical, protective, laboratorial, catering, and industrial sectors. Used by workers in hospitals, electronic workplaces, catering, and food processing workshops. 

Surgical Gowns are Class II medical devices according to the regulation of the FDA. Surgical gowns are used by healthcare personnel while handling surgical procedures to protect both the healthcare personnel and the patient from the transmission of microorganisms and body fluids. Surgical gowns are segregated based on risk levels from 1-4. Surgical gowns are always labeled.

A surgical gown is made out of non-woven fabric which acts as a protective barrier for anti-bacterial performance for liquid. Even the cotton gowns can block some micro-organisms but there is a chance of pathogenic bacteria penetration through the gown in the form of liquid. It loses its protective ability when contaminated with blood or moisture. When disposable surgical gowns are compared with isolation gowns, surgical gowns play a more vital role than isolation gowns.

  Surgical Gowns

Advantages of Surgical gowns:  

1. Prevents blood contamination.

2. Obstructs the spread of infectious diseases. 

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What are the Different Types of Hotel Towels?
0 What are the Different Types of Hotel Towels?

Towels are an essential piece that we use daily without realizing how important it is. They are required daily. With the travel and tourism industry on an upscale surge, the number of people visiting different places has increased significantly. The need to keep them satisfied and contented is essential for much of the hotelier’s reputation and business is related to that!

People have a tendency to not carry towels when traveling, but understanding their requirements and making them feel at home is important. Thus, the staffs at a hotel have to be mindful of the service provided. A healthier relationship between the guest and the host promotes business, increasing repeated visits. Towels are an essential item, as they are required for almost everything, hotels differentiate them and categorize them accordingly.

Wash Towel

Wash towels though come in a variety of sizes, the standard size replicates a square and is used to apply soap all over the body. Using wash towels instead of hands is a good way to remove dead cells and spread the soap evenly all over the body. Soft and lax, they are very useful and convenient. They are mostly obtainable in the pristine shade of white, variations in both dark and light hues are also available.

Hand Towel

The use of hand towels is not just limited to hotels, but can be used in the gym area, spa area, and even in kitchens and dining areas. However focusing more on the ones used in hotels, they are regular-shaped rectangular towels that usually come in white. The use of good quality cotton to craft hand towels gives them a smooth finish, which ensures to lend a soft touch against the skin when using it. They are usually kept beside the washbasin, implementing their use. Some of them even come in an array of colors that range from brown, to yellow, and green.

Bath Mat

Principally designed to keep the bathroom clean and dry, bathroom mats are larger than the rest of the towels mentioned in the list. The rectangular shape of the towel complements its ability to soak moisture fast, preventing accidental slips and falls. They are suitable to be used in all kinds of bathrooms, which contributes to their utilitarian qualities. Bath mats usually showcase dark textures and quirky prints, which add to the décor of the bathroom they are placed in.

Bath Towel

As the name suggests, bath towels are used to dry off the body after taking a shower. Constructed using cotton, the capacity of the towels to soak moisture is immense. Though they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, the rectangular one is the one that is most commonly used. They come in a variety of colors which range from neutral to navy, among the many other available, rendering to the decor of the bathroom they are kept in.

Thus, having a vivid idea about the different bath towels is important. Beyond everyone’s understanding, the relation between the hotel staff and the visitor depends on this pivotal piece of fabric! Prominent hotel towel suppliers have an entire range of the best and exclusive towels displayed on their vast catalog. The towels can be purchased in bulk with discounts available on them. if you want to update the towel collection in your hotel, then this is a great opportunity served to you.


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