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2021, June

Microfiber – Smart Cloth for Household Cleaning!!
0 Microfiber – Smart Cloth for Household Cleaning!!

Home - It gets dusty every day. Take a short tour into your home from living space to the bathroom -you can witness dusty spots. We can’t deny the fact that “Wipe away dust” is an ongoing process. Each area of the home attracts specks of dust and debris every day. It’s our responsibility to make a hygienic and Allergic-free environment to live in. “Microfiber Towels” helps you to keep a clean and germs-free environment. 

Microfiber – Amazing Synthetic thread is smaller than the hair strand but absorbs 3x of its weight water. This ultra-absorbent and streak-free cloth would do magic to the dusty surfaces. 

This blog guide you to use microfiber towels in household cleaning. 

  • Kitchen Cleaning: 

A kitchen is a messy place in the home. Oil spills and food spills are the major causes of dirty kitchen countertops and cabinets. Pour some kitchen cleaner on the stained surfaces. Then wipe them with a wet microfiber cleaning cloth. Tiny fibers pick the dust particles entirely and let you feel clean and pleasant.

  •  Windows & Glasses:

A little bit of ventilation brings dust in the window sills, glasses, and other reflective surfaces. Ordinary towels smudge the dust around and shed lint. The splitting in the microfiber towel traps the dust perfectly without streaks, and it could pierce into the small nooks and corners. 

In addition, a Microfiber cleaning cloth is a perfect tool for glass cleaning because of its scratch-free nature. Without the help of the Glass cleaner, Microfiber towels bring back the shining in reflective surfaces. 

  • Dusting surfaces:

Microfiber cleaning Cloth is used to dusting around almost every surface of the home. Without scattering the dust into the air, microfiber towels grab the dust from the space. Damp towels would make this job easier to wipe away the dusty surfaces without releasing them into the air. 

  • Steel Surfaces:

Steel appliances in the kitchen have fingerprint marks in regular use. Use a damp towel to remove the spots over the surfaces to retain their original sparkle. Microfiber towels reduce the usage of cleaning agents. A Damp towel does cleaning work like a pro without any cleaner. 

  • Car detailing:

Microfiber cleaning cloth would be a boon for DIY car washers. This particular cloth is used for both washing and drying car interiors and exteriors. With the car washing soaps, detail every part of the car on your own and save the time of being in the queue before the car washing stations.

After indulging in the cleaning tasks, don’t throw the towels without care. It spoils the longevity of the cleaning cloth. So, better wash them manually or in a machine without mixing with cloths. A little bit of detergent would suffice to remove the dirt and grimes in the towels. Fabric softener and heat are the primary enemies to microfiber towels. They melt the fabric and affect its absorbency for good. 

 Streak-free, Lint-free, and Ultra absorbent microfiber towels brighten your home. It’s time to keep the stock of microfiber towels at your home for household cleaning!!








Why Salon needs Bleach Safe Towels?
0 Why Salon needs Bleach Safe Towels?

Salon is the place involving various activities such as hair coloring, haircutting, and washing. Harsh chemicals and shampoo take part in it. Towels are the primary source of indulgence in those salon activities. If you own a salon shop, you must know the importance of salon towels. 

In regular salon use, towels must be in continuous contact with the hair care products. Those chemical products leave a stain mark on the towels. In another case, wet towels are a good place for microbes to grow. The only solution is to wash towels with “Bleach” to eliminate the stains and germs. 

Bleach is a chemical substance that is well-known as a “stain remover” and “disinfectant.” Bleach wash retains the softness and newness of the towels, but it damages the color of the towels. For that reason, the salon industry prefers “beach-safe” or “breach-resistant” towels for salon use. 

Bleach does not decolor the safe bleach towels in the regular wash and protects their longevity. Buying bleach-resistant towels saves money on towel replacement. 

Reasons to choose bleach-proof towels:

Retains towels look:

A towel in good condition lets your salon customers feel comfy and cozy. Bleach washing helps to retain the new look of the towels in the long run. Bleach-proof towels are essential to making a good impact among customers on your salon service. Bleach ensures your customers can utilize stainless and germless Bleach-proof towels. 

Assorted colors:

Bleach-safe towels are available in a variety of vibrant and light colors. In the tons of choices, pick the color that matches the interior theme of your salon. These towels are manufactured with a dye that does not react with bleach. In bleaching, bleach-resistant towels withhold their original color for a longer duration. 

Compatible sizes:

Salon professionals can’t use the hair towels to wipe off their hands while working. Bleach-proof towels come in various sizes to fulfill the various functionalities of the salon station. It’s available as hand towels, face towels, and hair towels.

Simple Washing:

It’s another good factor that it’s easy to wash bleach-resistant towels. These towels never spill the color in the bleach washing. Without separating dark & light-colored towels, you can wash them together in one laundry cycle. Add a small amount of detergent, and bleach would suffice to remove the stain from the towels.


Bleach-resistant towels are long-lasting. Bleach washing lets the towels possess their softness and a new look for many washes. Buying suitable towels for Salon reduces the investment in towel replacement. 

Fill your closet with high-quality and long-lasting bleach-proof salon towels!!



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