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Chef Hats and Neckerchiefs

Chef Hats and Neckerchiefs

Hats Neckerchiefs

As per the suggestion of the health department from the restaurant, it is mandatory to wear chef hats. The objective of wearing the chefs' hats is to prevent accidental hair from falling into the food items and prevents sweating the chefs. 

Neckerchiefs come in different colors, indicating a professional chef in training. Normally the neckerchiefs will be in black and white, matching the chef's uniform. Neckerchiefs for the chef usually help to maintain the chef's cooler during his cooking service. Wearing the neckerchief will provide a complete traditional look of a chef uniform. Chef beanie hat wholesale is available for restaurants, hotels, and motels. Through their bulk purchase, they can save more.

Hats for kitchen staff are made of Easy-care 65/35 poly cotton poplin in 4 shades with adjustable Velcro closure. Beanies are made of 100% cotton and blend 65% polyester and 35% cotton in 7 different shades. Neckerchiefs are made of a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and are available in 7 colors.

The main classifications of chef hats and neckerchiefs are classic chef hats, beanies, skull caps, and neckerchiefs. Classic chefs are categorized into poplin and twill chef hats. Beanies are categorized as beanie, epic beanie, uncommon beanie, uncommon beanie with pro vent, and pro vent beanie. White Skull caps are classified into two types kool skull caps and skull caps with the single entity of neckerchief.

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