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Examination and X-Ray Gowns

Examination and X-Ray Gowns

Examination and X-Ray Gowns


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Kimono Style X-Ray Gown

$184.80 / Dz. $205.33
6 Colors, Kimono Style Gown, Overlap Front, Heavyweight Poly/cotton, knee-length gowns. Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location

3 Arm Hole Tri - Wrap Examination Gown

$180.80 / Dz. $200.89
Blue, No ties, No snaps, No hook and loops to interfere with X-Ray. Gown wraps around the body for complete modesty. Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location


X-ray gowns for patients are necessary to protect them from harmful X-rays when undergoing a scanning process in hospitals and other medical treatments. They are lightweight and modest gowns used for diagnostic procedures.

They are single-use gowns used to maintain the hygiene of patients and in clinical areas. Medical employees working in the X-ray scanning areas must wear personal radiation protective gowns, whereas traditional gowns contain lead and vinyl material.


Kimono-style X-ray gowns are made of heavyweight poly-cotton and knee-length gowns, which cover the client’s full body and are available in 6 shades and 3 standard sizes. Fabric is a heavy-weight, demure cloth with better durability and reliability. 3-arm hole Tri-Wrap Examination Gown with no ties, snaps, hooks, or loops to interfere with X-ray scanning. The gown shows complete modesty by perfectly wrapping around the body and is available in 6 shades and 7 standard sizes.

Hospital exam gowns for patients in bulk quantities are available for the medical sector without any deficit to meet the demand.


Wholesale X-ray gowns for hospitals are categorized as kimono-style and 3-arm hole Tri-Wrap Examination gowns. It is ideal for hospitals, scanning centers, and nursing homes.


Examination and X-Ray Gowns


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