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Glass and Huck Towels for Cleaning

Glass and Huck Towels for Cleaning

Glass Huck Towel

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100% Cotton Glass Cleaning Towel

$5.08 / Dz. $5.64
White with Red Pin Stripe,100% Cotton, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.

Glass Towel - 16" x 27" - 24 oz

$310.00 / 50 Dz. Bale $344.44
White / Red Pin Stripe, 100% Cotton, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.

Huck Towels

$3.72 / Dz. $4.13
White, 100% Cotton, Bird's Eye Pattern. Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.

Wholesale Glass Towel (White / Red Pin Stripe) in 100% Cotton, distinct sizes at an affordable cost direct from the wholesale manufacturer. Sold in Pack of 5 Dz/ Poly or 100 Dz/ Bale. Ideal for Hotels, Motels, Restaurants, etc…

 What are huck towels?

Huck towels, also often referred to as surgical towels, are 100% cotton, very absorbent, and extremely low lint cloths. Huck towels usually have smooth sides, sewn edges and are available in various colors, with blue and green being the most popular.

Why are huck towels called surgical towels?

As the name suggests, surgical towels get their name because they are often used during a surgical procedure to drape over a patient. Their low lint quality also makes them the cloth of choice to clean sterilized surgical instruments.

How do you use huck towels?

In the world of cleaning, the huck towel is one of, if not the most, popular towel choices for cleaning windows as they provide a streak-free finish and leave behind no lint. In addition to windows, many cleaning companies like to use huck towels for mirror cleaning, surface cleaning, really any cleaning application that requires a lint-free surface.

Are huck towels durable? How long will huck towels last?

Huck towels are remarkably durable and will last a long time when cared for properly. Huck towels can withstand multiple launderings still maintaining their absorbency and softness. After being used in healthcare facilities, huck towels often get a new life as a cleaning cloth. Here at Monarch Brands, we offer both new huck towels and reclaimed huck towels.

What’s the difference between new huck towels and reclaimed or recycled huck towels?

New huck towels are brand new towels, pre-washed, and treated for absorbency. As mentioned above, reclaimed huck towels often come from hospitals and other healthcare facilities and get a new life as a cleaning cloth. Many cleaning companies prefer reclaimed huck towels over new huck towels because they’re a budget-friendly option and are already broken in and softer than new huck towels.

Can I wash huck towels? Any tips on washing instructions?

Absolutely! Huck towels can withstand numerous launderings and get softer over time. Just throw huck towels in your washing machine. We recommend using about half the normal amount of detergent. Another tip is only to wash huck towels with other huck towels. Anything else you put in the load like terry bath towels will shed lint that may get trapped in the huck towel yarns.


Glass and Huck Towels for Cleaning


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