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2019, April

Luxury Bath Towels for High-End Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and Country Clubs
0 Luxury Bath Towels for High-End Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and Country Clubs

The only cloth which will hug your guests after every shower is Soft and Fluffy Bath towels. Nothing will beat the experience of it. Are your customers experiencing that good feeling? If not, you have to take action to replace it soon.

Here, let’s see some of the factors before choosing the Bath Linens.

We offer the various quality of towels like 100% Premium Ringspun Cotton, 100% Super Long Staple Combed Cotton, 100% Cotton 2 Ply, Virgin 86% Cotton / 14% Polyester open-end, 100% Zero Twist Cotton, 100% Vat dyed Ringspun Cotton, and 100% Ringspun Cotton in different sizes and designs at a wholesale price.

Ideal for your high–end Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and Country Clubs.

Our 100% Premium Ringspun Cotton yarn towels are perfect for a customer who wants the elegance of a Piano Dobby Border w/ Dobby Hemmed Design and Luxury of the softness and highest absorbency. These premium towels come in a complete range of sizes. The new 100% Super Long Staple Combed Cotton towels are designed with Dobby Border w/ Dobby Hemmed which will undergo a special process in which fiber becomes more lustrous which gives a soft and silky feel for the guest in your Resort, Hotels, and Motels, etc… available in various colors and sizes for a different purpose.

Get a Bath towel with upscale jacquard bordered with 100% Cotton 2 Ply yarns with small piles, for ultimate border design definition, quality, and longevity to impress and satisfy your guests. Give an extraordinary feel to your customers by choosing a variety of Bath Linen in distinct designs, styles, and sizes.

Looking for first-class Bath Towels? Here it is. Virgin 86% Cotton / 14% Polyester open-end yarns finished in a modern soft flow machine for optimum whiteness and perfect for your Resorts and Country Clubs who want the exceptional combination of quality and durability, for an excellent value.

Our towels are the premium luxury bath towels with the finest Egyptian 100% Zero-Twist Cotton loop yarn that creates superior softness and minimal shedding or lint available in sizes from 22” x 34” to 30” x 56” based upon your Resort needs.

100% Cotton Ringspun yarns are finished in a modern soft flow machine for optimum whiteness to provide the ultimate comfort, elegant look, and feel while keeping that first-class appeal for all of your guests.

100% Vat Dyed Ringspun Cotton towel is finished with dyes that hold up under heavy use against sunlight, chlorine, and heavy laundering. These towels are designed with Dobby Border and Dobby Edge available in various sizes and colors like Bone, Kashmir Green, Blue Mist, and Colonial Blue.

Our Collection of towels undergo a unique spinning process with longer-length fiber to draws and twists fibers together to produce thread or yarn. So that it will contribute to absorbency, durability, and sustain for more no of washes. To maintain absorbency and softness try to use vinegar instead of fabric softener. It is designed to meet the need for Hotels, Motels, and Resorts, etc…

Our Collection of towels is manufactured at reliable mills with a centuries-old tradition of weaving and producing some of the world's finest textiles in modern facilities. These premium towels come in a full range of sizes.

Get to know more about HY Supplies Inc.'s wide choice of Bath Linen supplies like Washcloths, Hand towels, Bath towels, pool towels, and Bath mats to impress your customers in your Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and Country Clubs.

Find out what is available and give an extraordinary feel to your Guests!

Summer is Coming, It’s Time to Celebrate a Super Cool Pool Party at your Home
0 Summer is Coming, It’s Time to Celebrate a Super Cool Pool Party at your Home

Are you planning a pool party at your home? If not, plan to do it because summer is knocking on your door. Having a pool party on a hot day will make your guests feel fun and joyous during vacations. Especially it gives swimming experience for kids with friends and family gathered together.

Normally, Pool Parties will have games for the kids, favorite music, and cold beverages for the adults, barbeque, great conversations, lots of laughter, and ends up with the Towels wraps the body.

We are so excited to offer a wide variety of Pool Towels which would be the perfect companion for the guests to end up a Pool party.


White Pool Towels with Cam and Dobby Border

Oxford Cabana Stripe Pool Towels

Taupe Pool Towels






White Horizontal Navy Blue Stripe Pool Towels

Oxford Ribbed White Pool Towels W/ Three Stripes










White Pool / Beach Towels


With these luxurious Fade Resistance Pool Towels, your guest will feel the ultra-softness, extremely absorbent, and dries faster when exposed to the sun. They may also use this type of towel for lying down by the poolside and enjoy the party.

Choose from our wide variety of superior quality, durability, and highly sustainable towels designed to meet the needs of the guests and it will be more valuable in taking moisture direct from the body after having a fun Swimming Pool.

This summer, rounded up your guest with these pretty Colorful Pool Towels made of 100% Ringspun Cotton fabric available in varieties of designs at a wholesale price which creates a jovial mood and adds styles to the summer.


St. Lucia Lounge/Pool Towel

You can also gift pool towels to your guests after the party to create a long-run relationship and they will remember you and your Party whenever the towels are used.

Especially, St Lucia Lounge/Pool Towels is made of 100% long-staple ring-spun cotton finished in an advanced, environmentally friendly, continuous bleach and dye system, resulting in consistent optical whiteness. Hydrophilic softeners were added for increased absorbency and a soft hand. Color Stripes are colorfast and chlorine safe with attractive dobby hems.

HY Supplies Inc. towels have cost around $7 to $20 per piece (Sold only in Dozen)in various sizes and designs.

Kick-off the summer with attractive Pool Towels and impress your guests with a memorable Pooling experience.