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How bathrobes are used among the guest in salons and spa

How bathrobes are used among the guest in salons and spa

The bathrobe is a dressing gown made from toweling or other absorbent fabric and may be used while the wearer's body is wet, serving both as a towel and as a body covering when there is no immediate need for full dress wear. Bathrobes have many names like lounging robe, wrapper, housecoat, negligee, peignoir, duster, wraparound, tunic, bed jacket, and smoking jacket.

Bathrobes are one of the most underrated items of bath linen. When most of us buy items for the bathroom, we focus more on towels, face and hand flannels, even bath mats.

Bathrobes have high utility in the sense that they provide modest coverage after a shower; you can answer the doorbell wearing the robe or lounge about the house wearing. 

Why is it called a bathrobe?

Bathrobes are universal gender-neutral garments. We now have plenty of amazing bathrobes for men and have no problem wearing them.

Tips for selecting the best bathrobe

There are several tips for choosing suitable bathrobes like

  • Pick the right fabric 
  • To choose the right length.
  • Look for details that personalize the robe

Pick the suitable fabric. 

Bathrobes are available in several materials, from cotton to silk, in which cotton is considered the best; the material you pick depends on the use you are going to put the robe too. Some people like to have their bodies dry cursorily and slip into a bathrobe that absorbs excess moisture; you are one of these people, should pick a cotton robe that offers high absorbency. Then others like to wear the robe in-between clothes changes, and they like to have a luxuriant material like silk or satin on their skin. That's what we mean by picking a robe that suits the purpose or use. 

Choose the right length.

The length of the bathrobes is the essential part as not everybody likes knee-length robes, which are the most commonly available sizes in the market. People might prefer a shorter length that skims the mid-thigh or a longer one that touches your calves. Browse for different robe sizes across various brands before picking the one that appeals the most. But when choosing the size, ensure that you check the size chart provided by the brand: most of them commonly list the length and other dimensions of the product and mention the model's height.

Look for details that personalize the robe.

It is not enough to pick a robe that looks great. Look for personalization as much as you can. These robes include pockets, hoods, and piping in a darker color, the chance to emboss your name on the robe.

Types of bathrobes

There are various types of bathrobes like

  • Cotton Bathrobe
  • Velour Bathrobe
  • Terry Bathrobe
  • Kimono Style Bathrobe 

Cotton Bathrobe

Cotton bathrobes are made of the natural fiber of the cotton plant. Known for its incredible versatility, the quality of the robe is based on the length of the fiber used. The longer the fiber, the more robust, absorbent, and durable to use.

Velour bathrobe

A velour bathrobe is a pile fabric where the loops woven into the fabric have been cut. Velour bathrobes are made with terrycloth lining, as terrycloth absorbs water better than velour. Velour can make a bathrobe appear more luxurious, cozier and makes the garment. 

Terry bathrobe

Terry bathrobe is a soft cotton that comes with weaving in looping patterns. Terry cloth is also the material which is a polyester blend, not only in cotton. Terry cloths are the loops woven on a loom, making the fabric soft and plush. 

Kimono Style Bathrobe 

Both men and women use kimono-style bathrobes; they wear them as dressing gowns or robes over sleepwear or bathing suits. They are loose-fitting, with a matching fabric belt for closure. It refers to the full-length robes worn for important or formal events, primarily by women.

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