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What Is the Ideal Tablecloth Size for a Wedding Ceremony?

What Is the Ideal Tablecloth Size for a Wedding Ceremony?

One size does not fit all when it comes to table linens for weddings. To fit your table without hanging over the edge or being too small, the ideal tablecloth should be the proper size. When choosing a tablecloth, bear the following in mind:

Your table's size—obviously, a bigger table requires a bigger tablecloth. Nevertheless, you must also consider how many visitors you'll be hosting. You'll need a larger tablecloth to fit everyone if you're expecting a large number of guests.

What size tablecloth do I need?

It can be difficult to choose the proper size tablecloth for your table. You'll need to consider a few things, including the size and form of your table as well as the number of visitors you'll be sitting. Since you don't have to worry about edges hanging over the edge, round tables are typically simpler to decorate. Generally speaking, your tablecloth should be at least 12 inches broader than your table on all sides.

Round Tablecloth Linen

If you already know the size of your table and the required "drop, "you may calculate the size of your tablecloth by multiplying the drop length by two and then adding the table diameter. For instance, if your table is 60 inches long and you want a 15-inch drop (halfway to the floor), you would multiply 15 by two (152=30), add the table's diameter (30+60=90), and then divide that total by 90 to get the tablecloth's required diameter of 90 inches.

By dividing by two and then subtracting the table diameter from the linen diameter, you can determine the tablecloth drop, or how much the tablecloth will hang below the tabletop. For instance, your table is 60 inches in diameter and your tablecloth is 120 inches in diameter.

Standard Tablecloth Sizes for wedding

30-inch Round Tablecloth Wedding: Seats 2-3 People: 64-inch cloth (17-inch drop)

60-inch Round Tablecloth Wedding: Seats 8 People: 90-inch cloth (15-inch drop)

60-inch Round Tablecloth Wedding: 120-inch Round Tablecloth (30-inch full drop)

72-inch Round Table Wedding: Seats 10 People: 120-inch Round Tablecloth cloth (24-inch drop)

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Square Table

The tablecloth drop is easily calculated by deducting the table length from the linen size, then dividing the result by two (the distance your tablecloth will hang below the tabletop). Take into account a 62-inch-square tablecloth and a 42-inch-square table. When 42 is subtracted from 62, the result is 20; divide 20 by 2 to get 10 inches. This means that, as is traditional, a 62-inch square tablecloth will cover a 42-inch square table and hang 10 inches below the top.

Standard Tablecloth Sizes

30 Seats 8-12 People – Seats 4 People

60-inch square tablecloth: Seats 8-12 People

90-inch square tablecloth: Seats 8-12 People


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