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Medical Scrub Uniforms and Why They’re Important?

Medical Scrub Uniforms and Why They’re Important?

Medical scrubs are unisex scrubs that hospital staff and healthcare professionals wear to work.  The colors of scrubs can vary from hospital to hospital, with some having different colored scrubs for different roles.  Some hospitals even have different-colored scrubs for male and female staff.  Also, some hospitals allow staff to wear their scrubs, while others require uniforms to be purchased from the hospital.  In some situations, medical scrubs may be unisex. 

Nurses and other healthcare professionals usually wear these scrubs.  While they are unisex, they can still vary in color.  For example, at some hospitals, blue scrubs are worn by new graduates or interns, while experienced staff members wear green scrubs. There are a variety of reasons why hospitals may have different colored scrubs and types of medical scrubs.  One reason is to help distinguish staff roles and responsibilities within the hospital.  Moreover, let's see what each color of scrub represents.

Blue: Blue scrubs are worn by doctors and nurses in some hospitals.  These are the most common colors for hospital staff members who have a lot of interaction with patients. Blue scrubs primarily represent the teams that deliver patient care, specifically emergency teams, including their paramedics and EMTs, in hospitals.  However, unisex medical scrubs are available in blue as well. 

Green: Green scrubs are worn by administrators such as nursing and surgical staff.  Green indicates the best choice for administrators, especially when they are in the process of training.  Because green represents learning and growth, it demonstrates trust in them and their commitment to ensuring patient safety.  For nurses, green scrub tops that look like shirts are more common.

White: White scrubs are worn by staff members who work in the background, such as clinical support staff.  White is a color that represents healing and peace.  It symbolizes healing and is often used in hospital uniforms to symbolize safety.  Staff members mainly wear white scrub pants for women and white scrub pants for men.  It is often paired with a white long-sleeve scrub top and shirt.

Teal: Teal scrubs are worn by staff members who work in the labs.  Teal is a trendy color in lab coats, but this type of medical scrub works alongside white lab coats.  These teal unisex hospital scrubs symbolize their commitment to the patients and their work in the laboratory.


Medical scrubs are a great way to represent a hospital's culture.  But, a hospital's culture is also represented by staff members themselves.  And that is why staff members should be encouraged to wear uniforms or scrubs that promote their health and safety. Some of the best scrub brands have unisex scrubs available for both genders.  And these scrubs come in all color styles.  In addition, healthcare professionals must not opt for cheap scrubs as these may pose a serious threat to safety.

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