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Luxurious Square / Rectangular Table Linens for Restaurants, Hotels & Motels and Senior Assisted Living

Luxurious Square / Rectangular Table Linens for Restaurants, Hotels & Motels and Senior Assisted Living

Make a simple occasion into an amazing one in just a few seconds with luxurious tablecloths for your square tables. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding, award function, or company luncheon.

Are you renting the table linen? Think twice before you do it again, because

Two or three times renting table linens = One time buying the table linens.

Table linen is meant to cover the table from food or drink spills or starched and also an add-on value for decorating the table with a wide choice of fabric types, styles, and colors, which gives the vibrant look to the restaurant.

Plastic and Paper table cover is less expensive compared to Table Linen. It will create high waste and damage the eco-friendly environment. Whereas, Table linens are available in wide qualities, especially cotton and spun polyester quality will last as high as 300 washes and it can be easy to wipe, will give luxurious feel and appearance. 

Square / Rectangular Tablecloth – Crafted in the USA: 



Basic Polyester Square Table Cloth - 100% Polyester


Kenya Damask Square Tablecloth - 100% Polyester


Bombay Pintuck Taffeta Square Tablecloth - 55% Polyester / 45% Nylon


Poly Check Square Table Cloth - 100% Polyester


Duchess Matte Satin Square Tablecloth - 100% Polyester Matte Satin


Poly Stripe Square Tablecloth - 100% Polyester


Delano Crinkle Taffeta Square Tablecloth


Spun Polyester square Tablecloth - 100% Spun Polyester 

 Miranda Damask Square Tablecloth - 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester


Majestic Reversible Dupioni - Satin Square Tablecloth - 100% Polyester


Somerset Damask Square Tablecloth - 100% Polyester


Fandango Herringbone Weave Square Tablecloth - 100% Polyester


Saxony Damask Square Tablecloth - 59% Cotton / 41% Polyester


Twill Square Tablecloth - 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester


Havana Faux Burlap Square Tablecloth - 100% Polyester

Square / Rectangular Tablecloth – Premium Imports:



Spun Poly Square Tablecloth - 42", 54", 64", 72" and 90” SQ


55% Cot. / 45% Poly Satin Band Linen – 54”, 64”, 72”, 90” SQ


100% Cotton Momie Weave Linen - 54”, 63”, 72”, 90” SQ



100% Cot. 2 Ply Ringspun Satin Band Damask Linens 54”, 64”, 72”, 90” SQ 

 100% Cot. Bird's Eye Table Linens - 54”, 63”, 72”, 81", 90” SQ

Durable, soft finish, easy-care, better absorbent tablecloths available in different quality, colors, sizes, and styles. Some of the qualities are 100% Poly, 100% spun poly, 55/45 Poly-Nylon, Poly Cotton, 100% Cotton, 100% Cotton Momie Weave and 100% 2 ply Ringspun Cotton. Spun Polyester is tested to last over 300 washes. Heavy cotton blend type texture spun fabric does not fade and has higher absorbency.  

Sizes for Square / Rectangular Tablecloth:


Example: For 30”x30” Square Table, the size of the tablecloth is calculated below.


A – Width of Table: 30”  (+)                             D – Length of Table: 30”  (+)

B – Drop Length: 12”  (x2)                               E - Drop Length: 12”  (x2)

C – Total Cloth Width [30+12(x2)] = 54”           F – Total Cloth Length [30+12(x2)] = 54”


Finished Cloth Size (C x F) = 54” x 54” 

Drop sizes vary based on the height and length of the table, i.e 10” – 12” for lap level, 15” for a banquet table, and 29” – 30” to the floor.

So now you have some idea about the size of the tablecloth required for your table.

HY Supplies Inc. provides various fabrics for your Square / Rectangular Tables in different varieties from Crafted in USA and Premium Imports.

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