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Save Money on Bed Mattress for Assisted Living & Hospitality Industries !!

Save Money on Bed Mattress for  Assisted Living & Hospitality Industries !!

Waterproof Mattress Protector which safeguards your Bed Mattress from Wear and Tear, Spills, Bed Bugs, Stains, Allergies, Dust, Molds, etc. It’s a removable layer that can be washed and maintained neatly, keeps customer hygienic, gives good sleep, and maintains the new look and safe for the longevity of the Mattress.


Waterproof Mattress Protector


A high level of moisture will accumulate during the night; normally 25% of moisture will be omitted from the human body. Moisture in the mattress will lead to the formation of mold which causes allergies and creates health problems for people in Senior Care, Assisted Living, etc. To prevent those problems Mattress Protector is necessary.

People in Senior Care and Assisted Living will suffer from bladder control problems; accidentally wet the mattress, which cost you money and time to get back the bed. To avoid such circumstances Mattress Protector available in the market will be helpful instead of replacing the whole Mattress.

Hotels/Motels Owners and Managers have to buy the right quality, Wholesale Mattress for customer’s healthier night sleep and freshness after a long hour of travel or enjoyment. While thinking about Mattress, Wholesale Mattress Protector is also playing a vital role in it.

In-home, we have special attention towards Mattress. But in Hotels, Motels, Resorts and Tourist Homes we can’t prevent guest from eating or drinking on bed, if their young children sleeping on the bed and experience any spills or stains, we need valuable protection called Mattress Cover which can be easily washed and eliminates stains, hair, dandruff, etc. without any damages to your Mattress.

The Premium Quality Bed Protector will save people from allergy, bed bugs, dust mites and block moisture, bacteria to reach out of Mattress. Cleaning will be easier when using a quality mattress protector, and there is no need for vacuuming and dusting to get rid of stains or dirt on the Mattress.

Some factors to consider while selecting a Mattress Protector,

  • The low quality and inexpensive Mattress Protector will maintain the look only for 1 – 2 years. The various qualities available in the Markets are Cotton, Polyester, Vinyl, etc.
  • The sizes of the Bed Mattress Cover will differ based on Full Bed – 54" x 75" x 10" / 54" x 75" x 9"-15"  | Full XL Bed - 54" x 80" x 10" | Queen Bed – 60" x 80" x 14" / 60" x 80" x 10" / 60" x 80" x 9"-15" | King Bed – 78" x 80" x 14" / 39" x 75" x 10" / 72" or 75" x 80" x 15" | California King Bed – 72” x 84” x 15” | California Queen Bed – 60” x 84” x 15”.
  • Choices of finish you have are Quilted and Non-Quilted, Quilted Mattress Protector will give extra soft and feel, where Non-Quilted Bed Cover will prevent dust and well assigned with bedsheets.
  • The Protector with cooling materials will improve ventilation and keeps customer cool on warm nights.
  • The Mattress Protector/Covers with Waterproof is the best choice while purchasing.
  • The material with hypoallergenic will block allergens, which helps asthma and allergies people to get rid of it.
  • The quality used in the Mattress Covers will offer some comfort features like warmth while cold nights and cool in hot climates.

Different Types of Mattress Protectors:


White Mattress Protectors


6 - Sided Mattress Encasements: The waterproof breathable encasement with protective flap self-locking zipper stretchable fabric and machine washable. It gives complete protection against transmission of disease through assorted Bodily Fluids, Wetting, Dust Mites, Bed bugs, Allergens, etc. While selecting prefer zipper to maximize enter and exit of bed bugs.






5 - Sided Mattress Encasements: This is like quilted fitted sheets, the sides, edges and corners of the mattress will be covered. It gives protection from Wear and Tear, Spills and Stains on the top surface, the bottom of the mattress will be uncovered.

Now you have some idea about the importance of Mattress Protectors for Senior Care, Assisted Living, Hotels, Motels, Resorts, and Tourist Homes.

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