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What is a Zippered Pillow Protector? And How to Wash it?

What is a Zippered Pillow Protector? And How to Wash it?

Do your pillows always get dirty? You need a pillow protector, also known as a pillowcase, to safeguard your pillows. There are different pillowcases, such as Oxford and hospital pillowcases, but zippered pillow protectors are the best. They do not come off the pillow as they remain intact with a zip.

Moreover, even in the case of disposable pillows such as disposable hospital pillows, a pillow protector is essential. At the same time, it is not just sufficient to get a pillow cover but also to maintain it. So, keep reading to know how you can wash a zippered pillow protector to make it last longer.

Tips To Wash Zippered Pillow Protectors to Make Them Last Long

Dip in Lukewarm Water Before Cleaning Begins

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your pillowcases? If it has been a long time, you will have to wash it thoroughly. Before you begin with the cleaning process, it is advisable to dip the case into lukewarm water for about an hour. The main reason is to help the dirt dissolve and make cleaning easier. Otherwise, the dirt will be stuck here and there if you start cleaning straight away. So make sure to dip the pillowcase in lukewarm water, even if it is a waterproof pillow protector.

Make Use of Mild Detergents for Washing

When you start cleaning the pillowcase, only use safe detergents. The chemical being used shouldn't be harsh as it can damage the fibers of the pillowcase. Simultaneously, it is better to go for hand washing over machine washing. Put a few drops of detergent in water and rub the case with your palms. It is also necessary to remember that frequent washes are not required. In case a small spot of the pillow gets dirty, then only clean that area with detergent.

Avoid Using Excessive Heat on Pillow Case

Be it hospital pillows or microgel pillows, a pillowcase is a must to protect it. In such a situation, the pillows would be protected only if the covering is durable. Just washing it will not ensure that it will last long. At the same time, it is also necessary to keep it away from excessive heat. For the same, ensure that the heat from your dryer is moderate. Even if you plan to dry the pillowcase under natural light, keep it away from direct sunlight. So care also matters after cleaning the pillowcase.

The tips mentioned above will ensure that not just a zippered pillow protector but any case remains clean. Along with its proper cleaning, ensure to dust it regularly. Pillows do not just help you have a sound sleep but also decorate your bedroom. It is, therefore, necessary to make the pillowcases last a long time to protect pillows.

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