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The Best Spa Slippers That Are Comfy and Stylish

The Best Spa Slippers That Are Comfy and Stylish

Going to a spa every day is not possible; however, it is possible to give your feet the comfort of a spa every day with the perfect spa slippers.

Spa slippers are especially popular for hospitality businesses - be it a hotel, Bed, breakfast, or spas. After a hectic day, comfortable slippers to lounge around give the feet an immense feeling of liberation and relaxation.

Spa slippers come in two main options:

Open-toe slippers – In open-toe toweling slippers, the toes are exposed. These slippers offer more breathability.

Closed-toe slippers – Closed-toe slippers offer more warmth to the feet.

In either case, you might want to keep the below features in mind before investing in spa slippers:

Comfortable – Spa slippers should not just look good but provide comfort and protect your feet from dust and germs.                                                                                              

Durable – The durability of spa slippers depends on the caretaking of the slippers. Spa slippers could be either reusable or disposable. Many hotels prefer keeping disposable slippers for guests, as disposable spa slippers require no maintenance and offer better hygiene. Also, guests often like keeping the slippers as souvenirs.

Lightweight Spa slippers should be lightweight to enable free movement and provide extra comfort.

Affordable Suppliers generally provide a discount for purchasing spa slippers in bulk. As a hospitality business would need bulk purchases, keep in mind the discounts that a supplier would extend.

Customization – Spa slippers can often also be customized with your business logo, brand name, with an individual's initials, or anything else you please. Customization can help endorse your brand as well.

Fabric – The material of spa slippers commonly used is terry cloth. Terry cloth spa slippers are ideal for absorbing large amounts of water and soft. Spa terry slippers are generally moisture-proof, breathable, and light in texture. However, spa slippers are available in various materials– polyester knitted slippers, non-woven slippers, waffle slippers, etc.

The material used for the sole is also an important feature to be kept in mind based on where the slipper is intended to be used. They can be Eva sole, cardboard sole, plastic sole, etc.

Size – Although spa slippers come in different sizes, most businesses opt for single-size unisex fit slippers because it could get expensive to get customized sizes. The standard sizes range from 26cms to 29cms.

Adjustable slippers offer flexibility when it comes to foot width.

Features – One of the main features you might want for the slippers you choose is that they are anti-skid. Spa slippers are often worn on wet surfaces, so you might want to ensure that you purchase the non-slip slippers.

You can keep a lookout for various other features based on your requirements, such as multilayer cushion insole and memory foam technology, which provides extra support. Some of them release a pleasant aroma to boost the mood.

Hospitality businesses should focus on the minutest of details to enhance a customer's experience. Spa slippers are details that can help establish an impression and provide an extremely comfortable experience to a guest.

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