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Stand in the kitchen with style!!

Stand in the kitchen with style!!

The chef's coat is typically made of two layers of thick cotton. It is relatively common in finer restaurants. The restaurants have become more conscious about their chef coats since they are working in the kitchen. In other words, they are playing with fire, so the costume they wear is essential in the kitchen.

In almost all restaurants, the chef will be given a white coat while working in the kitchen. The white color helps repel heat from the kitchen. White is also the symbol of hygiene and cleanliness; it is referred to as the chef's whites. 

Nowadays, chefs and cooks are using black coats to interact with the customer; it can hide stains from the customer's eye, and it also helps them work in the open kitchen in this modern era. Chef coats are available in black and white and in colors, but it don't have any significance for the cook's personal preference or a need to match the aesthetic of the dining establishment. They also wear sleeves in the kitchen and outside the kitchen.

Chef coat

The chef's coat is the double-breasted white jacket, which is made only for the people working in a restaurant; in a higher position, it is given in higher restaurants such as three-star, five-star, and seven-star restaurants. Although garments design and fit are essential for protection, the thermal performance properties of the materials from which garments are made play a significant role in protecting against thermal hazards. The standard fabrics used to make chef's jackets are woven and composed of 100% cotton or polyester and cotton blend.

Executive chef coat 

The Executive chef coat accompanies double-breasted styling, a stand-up collar, and ten-knot buttons, indicating you're the person in charge of an upscale traditional appearance. These coats have two pockets, with one on the left chest holding the recipe and one on the left sleeve holding your thermometer. Pairing them with black pants suits this chef coat.

Chef sleeves

Sleeves are the chef's standard uniform. It is also made up of cotton, since cotton is best for embroidery. They will have the name on the sleeves, which is done by embroidery. Based on their needs, Chef Sleeves are of two types. Long sleeves and Short sleeves

Long sleeve Chef Coats

The chefs used to wear long sleeves to protect from burns and cuts. The plastic buttons chip and fall off, whereas the knotted buttons don't, and it are undone quickly in an emergency, like a hot oil spill. 

Short sleeve Chef Coats

Chefs usually wear short sleeves while doing something in the kitchen and while dining. We supply high-quality Professional Chef aprons for the executives in your restaurant. We provide long, short, & 3/4-sleeve coats in different sizes, colors, and styles for men and women at an affordable price in wholesale. It is time to buy and be stylish in the kitchen. We have brands like Uncommon, Classic, Newport, Moroccan, Chambray, etc.

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