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Selecting the Right Workout/Gym Towels for Health & Fitness Centers

Selecting the Right Workout/Gym Towels for Health & Fitness Centers

Nowadays, physical activities and exercise play a vital role for everyone like Children, Adolescents, and adults of all ages to promote good health and to stay active throughout all stages of life. Physical activity helps to reduce the risk of many health issues and helps to live a healthy life. 

Fitness centers and Training Institute will have hundreds of fitness equipment that can cost thousands of dollars, in the same way having Quality, Wholesale Workout/Gym Towels are equally important to run a successful business. The people while sweating or after taking a shower, there will be a need towel service to retain them. Be conscious to balance the customer needs against the profits or budgets.

Some of the factors about Workout/Gym Towels:

  • Gym towels are cheap when compared to large shower towels.
  • Gym towels can be used often than shower towels.
  • Gym towels will keep expensive equipment safe reach out of sweat, rust, bio-loads, etc…
  • Without Gym towels to fitness centers is equal to having dinner without napkins.

There are many kinds of Wholesale Workout/Gym Towels, in distinct qualities, colors, sizes, and varieties from Economy to Premium standards.

Wholesale Workout/Gym Hand Towels:

Supplying Workout/Gym Towels in fitness centers will give a good opinion in the mind of the customer. The common size is 16” x 27” - 3 lbs per dozen w/ Economy, to premium standards, used to wipe away sweat while exercise, keeps the person fit and healthy, and limits the spread of Germs.

Our Workout/Gym Hand Towels are strong and durable, made of different qualities like 100% ringspun cotton and 86/14 Poly-Cotton, available in White, Color, and Bleach proof Towels. Plain white towels will remove dust and germs easily which gives the best in its class. Bleach Proof Color towels are available in Bleach Proof and Non-Bleach Proof Category with 9 colors. The choice is yours to select based on your environment and gives an attractive look and feel for the customer.

Available Sizes for Workout/Gym towels and Sweat Towels:

  • 15” x 25”
  • 16” x 27”
  • 16” x 30”, etc… 

Gym Hand Towels - 100% Cotton

Gym Hand Towels - 100% Cotton

 Gym Hand Towels - 86/14 Poly/Cot.,

Gym Hand Towels - 86/14 Poly/Cot.,

Spectrum Collection Gym Color Hand Towels 

Spectrum Collection Gym Color Hand Towels - 100% Cotton

Bulk Workout/Gym Bath Towels:

Providing bulk shower towels in the gym is a great convenience for the customers. HY Supplies provide soft and durable, Wholesale Workout/Gym Bath Towels come in a wide collection of quality, size, colors, and variety from a lower grade to premium grade.

Our Workout/Gym Bath Towels are available in different qualities, sizes, and colors w/ Economy, to premium standards. An economy towel is best suitable for fitness centers because it won’t cost much at the time of towels walkout due to pilferage or theft. These towels are better absorbency and will keep the fitness person dry after each shower.

Available Sizes for Workout/Gym Bath Towels:

  • 20” x 40”
  • 22” x 44”
  • 24” x 48”
  • 25” x 50”
  • 27” x 50”
  • 27” x 54”

Center Stripe Towels – Blue:

Center Stripe Blue Towels is most popular among fitness people, it helps to identify the towels based on the color and prevent mix-up with someone else’s towels. Available in Green, Gold, and Blue which gives added advantage for your fitness towel service.

Available Sizes like:

  • 20” x 40” – 5 Lbs
  • 22” x 44” – 6 Lbs
  • 24” x 48” – 8 Lbs 

 Economy Gym Towels - 100% Cotton

Economy Gym Towels - 100% Cotton

Economy & Standard White - Gym Bath Towels 

Economy & Standard White - Gym Bath Towels - 100% Cot. & 86/14 Poly/Cot

Poly / Cotton Blended Gym Towels  

Poly / Cotton Blended Gym Towels - 50% Poly / 50% Cot

 Olympic Premium Blended Bath Towels

Olympic Premium Blended Bath Towels - 50% Poly / 50% Cot

Premium White Gym Bath Towels 

Premium White Gym Bath Towels - 86/14 Cotton/Poly

Coronet / Diamond Crown Gym Bath Towels 

Coronet / Diamond Crown Gym Bath Towels - 100% Cotton

 Gladiator / Revel Gym Bath Towels

Gladiator / Revel Gym Bath Towels - 86/14 Cotton/Poly

Spectrum Collection Color Gym Bath Towels 

Spectrum Collection Color Gym Bath Towels - 100% Cotton

Premium Center Stripe Bath Towels 

Premium Center Stripe Bath Towels - 100% Cotton

HY Supplies Inc. towels are manufactured by reliable mills with the latest high-end looms. Towels are available at reasonable prices. Give a wonderful gym experience for your customer by selecting the right Workout/Gym Towels.

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