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How to Wash the Microfiber Towels Properly?

How to Wash the Microfiber Towels Properly?

Microfiber towels are the perfect cleaning and drying cloth with fine, high-quality fibers. It is well known for its superior absorbency and softness. These towels are effective and reusable. It is perfect for various settings, including households, automobile detailing, salon services, and sports activities.

Microfiber salon towels are specially designed for the hair salon and beauty industries. They are super absorbent towels and have higher efficiency. The towels are lightweight and soft, providing a gentle and comfortable client experience. It protects the hair from damage and allows for quick drying. There is a special microfiber towel, Anti-frizz microfiber hair towels, which are specially designed to reduce frizz and damage while drying the hair. It is perfectly suitable for curly, waved, and Frizz-prone hair types.

Why is it essential to wash microfiber towels properly?

The microfiber towels should be washed properly to maintain their effectiveness and longevity because they have unique properties that require extra care to keep them in good condition. Proper washing is crucial for microfiber towels.

Washing instructions

When washing microfiber towels, they should be separated from other towels to avoid cross-contamination. It should be washed with harsh soap fabric softeners, detergents, and bleach, including fragrances and fabric conditioners. Using these cleaning agents makes these towels less effective and less durable. When these microfiber towels are lightly dusty and dirty, they can be hand-washed.

Hand-wash procedure

Have a basin of cool or warm water to which you can add cloths and agitate by hand, and you can use a hand scrub to remove the heavily stained areas in the towels. To remove the excess dirt from these towels, shake them outdoors or in the trash bag. Soak the towels for 10-15 minutes, agitate again, and rinse the towels thoroughly under the running water. Remove the excess water and let it dry in direct sunlight.

Microfiber towels can be machine washed when there is excess dirt and stains. Do not wash the microfiber towels with other types of fabrics. Other fabrics damage the fibers of the microfiber towels. Avoid mixing cotton fabrics with microfiber towels.

Machine-wash procedure

Load the microfiber towels in the machine with cool or warm water, not in hot water. If using the detergent liquid, select the detergent with no scent or laundry activities. The liquid should be used in small amounts, not over two teaspoons. If there is any odor in the microfiber towels, add white vinegar to the machine load. During the agitation cycle in the machine, soak it for 10–15 minutes, resume the washing procedure, and allow it to complete.

Can you put Microfiber Towels in the Dryer?

Microfiber towel drying process with some of the instructions to be followed.

  • Clean the lint trap before and after drying the towels.
  • If the towels are dried without cleaning, it damages the fibers of the towels.
  • Do not add any dry sheets or dry balls to the load.
  • It should be dry in the low-heat or air-dry cycle.
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