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How to Wash Microfiber Towels?

How to Wash Microfiber Towels?

The use of microfiber towels is emerging in cleaning Industries. Microfiber towels are manufactured in assorted types, qualities, colors, and sizes to meet the cleaning requirements. Even in the regular cleaning tasks, microfiber towels replace cotton and Paper Towels. To maintain the quality of towels, we have to wash them properly with care. A well-maintained towel can last long more than 50 washes. This blog will discuss the way to retain the efficiency of microfiber Towels. 

Guidelines to wash Microfiber Towels:

As we know, absorbency is the main reason microfiber stands out of all the cleaning towels. Each thread of the microfiber towels is divided into many parts. That divided part is known as “Splits.” Fiber Splitting is the primary factor behind the high absorbency of microfiber towels. That’s why Towels experts advised us to wash towels without destroying the fabric strength. 

For protecting the fabric strength, follow two primary rules,

  • Never use Fabric Softener
  • Never use the dryer to dry towels

Up to your convenience, you could prefer machine wash or manual wash (Less stained towels)—separate dark color towels and never wash them along with light color towels to avoid the color spill. In addition to that, do not wash microfiber towels with cloths and cotton towels. Microfiber towels capture lint from the clothes. Lint blocks the space between the splits and does not let them absorb water. Adding fabric conditioner also causes the same issue. 

A microfiber towel with no absorbency is good for nothing. It’s your responsibility to wash microfiber towels with care.

In Machine washing: 

  • Put Microfiber towels in the machine. 
  • Pour some liquid detergent or ordinary detergent powder into it. Add some white vinegar to remove the bad smell. (Or else you could use microfiber cleaning detergent specially made for microfiber washing. 
  • Keep the water settings at a warm level.
  • Give some time to the machine to complete its washing cycle. 
  • In the warm water condition, the machine removes the dirt from the towels. 

Hand washing: 

  • Fill the tub with water and add some detergent to it.
  • Soak the microfiber towels in the water for up to 10 -15 minutes.
  • Apply some hand rub on the stained area to remove it.
  • Soak them again in the water for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse them in freshwater to get rid of the foam.
  • Wring them well to remove the excess water.

Drying Microfiber towels:

Either in the machine dry or air dry, the Microfiber towel dries quickly. But keep some points in mind.

  • Never leave the microfiber towels in hot weather. It will melt the fiber. Dry them in the airy atmosphere.
  • If you prefer a machine dryer, choose the low heat settings to dry towels.

After done drying, fold the towels and keep them in the closet, allocated for Microfiber towels. To avoid cross-contamination, never practice storing cotton towels and microfiber towels in the same container. 

Invest your time to retain the quality of Microfiber Towels for a longer duration!!




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