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How to Care for Your Healthcare Apparels and Slipper Socks: Tips for Longevity and Softness

How to Care for Your  Healthcare Apparels and  Slipper Socks: Tips for Longevity and Softness
  • Slipper socks with grips can be improved with better longevity by the following procedures.
  • Don’t wash the slipper socks with other clothes to prevent damage to the slipper socks.
  • Adopt cold washing instead of warm washing at an ideal temperature of 300 c
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals for washing the slipper socks; use mild detergents and natural soaps.
  • Socks should be changed periodically to avoid the fungal infection and bad smells accumulated. So, changing the socks once daily is the better solution to avoid the early worn-out socks.
  • Polyester socks have poor longevity compared to cotton socks made of 100% cotton. The quality of knitting is also important to make the socks more reliable and durable.

Best Healthcare apparel for men and women ensures the safety of professionals by maintaining high hygiene standards and preventing human beings from infection. Elderly healthcare apparel ensures senior patients' comfort and dignity while providing caregivers practical benefits for dressing and maintaining hygiene. When healthcare professionals in appropriate clothing attend to patients, they will be more comfortable. Maintaining a hygienic environment by wearing appropriate clothing can reduce the cost of treating health-related infections. Wholesale home healthcare apparel can be purchased in bulk quantities for saving purposes.

Home healthcare supplies online products are categorized into Home Care & Hospital Gowns for Men and Women, Slipper Socks for Men and Women with Gripper, and Adult Cotton Terry Bibs. Home Care & Hospital Gowns for Men and Women are sub-categorized into patient gowns, tieback traditional hospital style gowns, thermal gown insulated gowns, Snap wrap deluxe adult patient gowns, lady lace women's short sleeve patient gowns, lady lace women's long sleeve patient gown, Flannelette long sleeve flannel gown, and flannelette plus warm washable patient gown. Adult Cotton Terry Bibs are sub-categorized into blue heavyweight adult bib, blue heavyweight waterproof adult terrycloth bib, white heavyweight adult terrycloth bib, white heavyweight waterproof adult bib, and multi-striped heavyweight adult bib.

Non-skid socks wholesale products are made from terry fabric, making them anti-slippery to the floor area and soft and cozy. Our slipper socks have a smooth-sided construction and classic slip-resistant tread, making them a better anti-slippery on dry and wet floors.

They prevent slips and falls on dry and wet floors, such as in the shower.  The snug fit accommodates bandages and other dressings. Wholesale purchase makes the customer order Slipper socks in bulk, preventing the future deficit.

Hospital socks are used on the soft and traction floor where the chance of slipping is high in the floor. Hospital socks have greater grips, which makes the patients avoid the slip-on long stay in the hospitals without the proper support from others.

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