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Elderly Incontinence Care Products

Elderly Incontinence Care Products

Elderly Incontinence Care Products



Products for elderly incontinence care help those struggling with bladder or bowel control maintain comfort, dignity, and hygiene. They have odor-controlling features that make older people feel more at ease and socially confident.

Purchasing bulk incontinence supplies for elderly persons provides the security of maintaining a steady and considerable inventory.


 Carefor economy underpad features a poly-rayon soaker with a three-layered quilted construction. Haloshield Breathable Men's Odor Control Briefs are made from 100% cotton with high-level absorbency. HealthdriReusable Men's incontinence underwear has a moderate absorbency level, absorbs moisture, and protects clothing. Healthdri Nylon Breathable Women's Panties are made from 100% nylon with odor control. Carefor Deluxe Floral Print Incontinence Chair Pads are made from high-quality material to offer the highest absorbency and anti-bacterial properties. Incontinence covers for chairs feature anti-fungal properties and are machine-washable. Carefor Economy Incontinence Chair Pad features an 80-20 ibex top sheet with an 8 oz soaker.

 Effective incontinence products for the elderly are vital for promoting dignity and keeping an active lifestyle. Elderly incontinence products are categorized into washable and reusable underpads, men's incontinence briefs, women's incontinence panties, chair incontinence pads, and cover-ups. Washable and Reusable Underpads are sub-categorized into Haloshield odor control underpads, Carefor economy underpads, Sleepdri budget underpads, Carefor deluxe plaid reusable underpads, and Carefor deluxe underpads.


Men's Incontinence Briefs are sub-categorized into Haloshield breathable men's odor control briefs, Healthdri men's breathable reusable briefs- heavy absorbency, Healthdri men's breathable reusable briefs- moderate absorbency, Light and dry breathable men's incontinence briefs, Carefor pull on heavy absorbency waterproof brief, and Careforsnap-on waterproof incontinence underwear-heavy.

Women's Incontinence Panties are sub-categorized into Healthdri breathable women's heavy absorbency panties, Healthdri breathable women's moderate absorbency panties, Healthdri nylon breathable women's panties-heavy absorbency, Haloshield breathable women's odor control panties, Light and dry breathable women's panties, Carefor pull-on heavy absorbency waterproof brief, and Careforsnap-on waterproof incontinence underwear-heavy. Chair Incontinence Pads are sub-categorized into Carefor deluxe floral print incontinence chair pads, Carefor deluxe green plaid reusable chair pads, Carefor deluxe reusable quilted incontinence seat pads, and Carefor economy incontinence chair pads.

Incontinence cover-ups are sub-categorized into Sani-pull-on waterproof nylon cover-up, Sani-pant lite pull-on waterproof cover-up, and Sani-pant snap-on waterproof cover-up.

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