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Hair Cutting Salon Shears

Hair Cutting Salon Shears


Professional salon Shears with the name "haircutting" are used to cut hair, whereas shears with the name "thinning" are used to thin out thick hair. The teeth on one blade of thinning shears help to thin out the hair without drastically cutting it short. 

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Diane Facial Hair Scissors

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Diane Facial Hair Scissors . Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.

Product Description
  • For nose, mustache and brows
  • Trim nose, mustache, brows and other facial hair
  • Rounded tips for safety¬†
  • Stainless steel¬†
  • Shear Brands

    Shears for hairdressers and other beauty professionals, which assist in shaping the hair, are available at wholesale prices in several Brands, such as Fromm Brand, 1907 Brand, and Diane Brand.

    Shear categories

    Shears for hair salons are available as 5.75" left-handed shears, 5.25" shears, 5.75" 28-tooth thinner, 5.75" shears, and 6.25" shears. Also available are Explores in 5.75" shear, 5.75" thinner with 28 teeth, and Fromm DARE in 5.75" shear.


    Best hairdressing scissors are made of stainless steel. They can be used for minute haircutting on the face, nose, mustache, and eyebrows. For safety concerns, the tip of the scissor is rounded off.

    Diane shears

    Superior quality Diane Brand are the best shears for hair stylists and cosmeticians; there are two kinds of shears, D55 (made of plastic) and D5755 (manufactured in Germany), with opposing handles, clamshell packages, micro-serrated blades, and clear handle designs.

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