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Patient Gowns Wholesale

Patient Gowns Wholesale

Patient Gowns


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Knitted Pediatric Gowns

$34.87 / Dz. $38.74
Knitted Pediatric Gowns Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.


Patient gowns for men and women are examples of personal protective equipment (PPE) used to safeguard the patient and doctor from infection.

They will protect from the infection caused by microorganisms, viruses, and other close contact with the infected one. Patients and doctors should cover their bodies and exposed portions if they are in treatment, counseling, surgery, and participation process. For standard precaution, it is necessary to wear gowns to prevent the clothes and body from blood or body fluid contact. Healthcare experts are expected to wear gowns and gloves for all interactions involving interaction with the patient and the patient's environment. PPEs are expected to be worn at the entry point of the treatment zone and should be removed at the exit point.


Hospital patient gowns are made using Poly-cotton, which can withstand repeated washable in hot water. Bariatric patient gowns made of heavy-weight polyester with cotton sheeting. Poplin robes with pockets are available with and without adjustable belts. Seersucker robes with snaps and pockets are collarless gowns with belts, snaps and pockets. Hospital pajama shirts are available in short and long sleeves. Pajama pants are available with elastic adjustments, snaps, and drawstrings.


Hospital gowns for the elderly are categorized into wholesale hospital patient gowns, bariatric patient gowns, Hi-Risk Elopement and psych gowns, Poplin robes with pockets, seersucker robes with snaps and pockets, and hospital pajamas wholesale products. Hi-risk elopement and psych gowns are patient gowns with snap sleeves and ties with a U-shaped neck.



Patient Gowns Wholesale


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