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Men's shaving kit

Men's shaving kit

Mens Grooming

The main objective of grooming is to make ourselves hygienic most of the time. That makes men to be clean all the time and make that practice regularly in their routine.

To do so best grooming kit for men is necessary to make themselves clean and hygienic. 


Personal hygiene is a needed activity for all human beings. No one will be with us in this modern world if we are not clean, hygienic, and proper grooming. So we have to ensure we are pleasant, odorless, and hygienic.  

We provide the best Men's razors in various brands like 1907 Brand (IRS127 & IRS206) and Diane Brand in the USA (D202 & D204). We also provide shaving kits for men direct from the wholesale manufacturer at a low price for your Beauty Salon.

In 1907 Brand Men shaving razors we provided - IRS127 (2.5" x 23"), IRS206 (2" x 20"), IRS 827 (2 1/2" x 23"), (IRS835 (2 1/4" x 21"), with top grain cowhide, handcrafted handle, exceptional quality made in the USA complete with sharpening canvas and swivel.

Plenty of razor collections from the Diane brand, such as Diane Shaving Razor, Diane Shaving facial Razor, Diane classic straight Razor in 3 shades (white, red, and blue), and Diane Stainless Steel Polymer Coated Shaper Blades Pack of 60.




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