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Fromm Capes

Fromm Capes

Fromm Capes

Salon client capes include an adjustable snap closure that can be attached at 12 to 23 inches and fit around the collar. Additionally, this barber cape for sale was thinly hemmed edges and is waterproof, stain-proof, and lightweight. Since it is made of nylon, you can easily wipe it down after use and reuse it. This cape is made specifically for hair coloring and other chemical treatments, making it great for home and professional salons. The anti-static cape will guarantee that your client's clothing is kept dry, free of chemicals, and colored.



HY Supplies offer various beauty capes: Shampoo Capes, Comb-out Capes, Chemical Capes, Professional Barber Haircutting Capes, and Hair-Styling Capes. Waterproof Barber Capes, we offer Men's Haircut Cape from FROMM Wholesale at the best price.


Shampoo capes are available in 36x36, 44x54, and 44x58 standard sizes. Chemical capes are available in 36x54, 44x54, and 44x58. Barber capes are available in a single standard size, 44x58. Hair styling capes available in 29x41, 36x54, 44x58 and 45x60 standard sizes.


Modern nylon acrylic-coated fabric is used to make the Chemical Cape. When cutting hair, our customers now have more convenience thanks to this thin chemical cape. Chemical capes are bleach, chemical, and waterproof resistant. For improved comfort and lightness, polyester is used to make barber capes. Choose from the distinctive selection of water- and stain-resistant Wholesale Barber Capes.

Hair styling and comb-out capes were made of Lightweight polyester or acrylic-coated nylon provided with Teflon treatment to resist water, stains, and wrinkles.

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