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Diane Makeup Mirrors in Bulk

Diane Makeup Mirrors in Bulk

Diane Mirrors

Any person who works in the beauty industry needs a salon mirror. With a suitable mirror, one can set up the ideal environment for the clients to prepare for their big day. Shop the best Salon mirrors! It can be a terrific way to reduce space and add a touch of elegance to your salon.

Diane Mirrors is a compact mirror that is easy to carry around and frequently used for applying makeup and personal maintenance. Hand mirrors, often smaller than huge wall mirrors, can be carried in a purse or pocket and used at any time of the day to check one's hair, makeup, and attire. Diane mirrors are available in different formats plastic handheld mirror, handheld mirror, mini foldable mirror, teardrop, large TV black, and handle mirror.

Diane's plastic handheld mirror

Diane plastic handheld mirrors are available in standard sizes 5x11, 6x10, and 6x11 in black. They are available with 1x and 5x magnification with a comfortable plastic handheld mirror.

Mini foldable mirrors

Mini foldable mirrors have better compactness, handheld flexibility, and portability, suitable for mirrors for a hairstylist. They were made of stainless steel material with better shatterproof.

Round salon mirrors

Round salon mirrors are available in the 10.5x15 standard size in black color. These professional salon mirrors have handles with sturdy construction, making them a lighter feel for the clients. They can be hung on the wall and workstation for professional use. They are ideal for beauty salons, spas, and personal care centers.

Diane mirrors are available for sale at wholesale price Order Diane Salon accessories in bulk to save more money.


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