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Consultation /Dental Jacket (non barrier)

Consultation /Dental Jacket (non barrier)

Consultation / Dental Jacket

Men’s consultation jacket during the Dental treatment process makes them comfortable during the treatment process. Doctors carrying dental treatment to patients feel relaxed about handling teeth treatments like cleaning, root canals, tooth filling, and tooth crown wearing process in a better way.

During the treatment, doctors will use sharp cutting tools, so it is necessary to safeguard the patients, so wearing dental jackets will protect the patient in a better manner. There will be an accidental spilling of blood by the patients and other chemicals during the treatment process. So, the patient’s dress will be stained by blood and other harsh chemicals. The consultation jacket protects the patient’s dress from spills, stains, and other harm. Consultation jackets are ideal for professional dentists and tooth care specialists.

Consultation jackets non-barrier are made of polyester and cotton blend fabric with 3 pockets. It has a zip front closure with back belts and vents. These jackets are available in 20 shades and 6 different sizes. Various sizes available are extra small, small, medium, large, extra-large, and double extra-large.

Men’s dental jackets are available as a consultation dental jacket non-barrier with back belts and vents.

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