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Salon FROMM Brand Shears

Salon FROMM Brand Shears

Fromm Brand Shears

Wholesale Scissors

Want to discover the range of superior quality Fromm shears that provide different designs and styles collections? Our shears and professional hair scissors will provide luxurious hairdressing for salons, hair designers, beauticians, and spa clients. 

Available Fromm brand products

Fromm brand provides a distinct range of product varieties such as venture, invent, transform, explore, shear case, and dare. All these products were made per our valuable customers' requirements; Get the huge collection of thinning scissors and hair shaper blades.

Fromm venture and invent standard sizes

Fromm Venture is available in 5.75" 5.75" with 30 teeth and 5.75" bang shear, while Invent is available in 5.75" shear, 5.75" thinner with 28 teeth, and 7.25" Barber Shear.

Fromm transforms, DARE, and explores standard sizes

Fromm transform is available in 5.75" left-handed Shears, 5.25" shears, 5.75" 28-tooth thinner, 5.75" shear, 6.25" Shears. Explores is also available in 5.75" shear, 5.75" thinner with 28 teeth and Fromm DARE is available in 5.75" shear.

Features of the 8-piece shear case

It has 8 pockets to hold the shears, razors, and combs. Shear Case has a better cushion touch to safeguard the shears. There is a central zip provision to hold clips and other small accessories.

Avail discounts from our Fromm collection shears

We provide wholesale Fromm shears at the lowest price in the USA. The best barber shears are for sale! Get the best deals on bulk orders.


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