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Economy - 2 x 2 Cabana Stripe Assorted Beach Towel

Economy - 2 x 2 Cabana Stripe Assorted Beach Towel

Economy - 2 x 2 Cabana Stripe Assorted Beach Towel

Cabana Stripe Assorted Beach Towel made of 100% Cotton Yarn Dyed available in 6 different colors and sizes at an affordable price. Sold in Case Pack of 36 Pieces / Carton. Ideal for Sport, Golf Clubs, Gym, Fitness Centers, etc…

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Economy, 2x2 Cabana Stripe Assorted Towel

$86.69 / 12 Ea. Ctn. $96.32
100% Cotton Yarn Dyed 2x2 Cabana Stripe Assorted, Stock Subject to Availability, Shipping Varies Based on your location.


Cabana stripe pool towels are bigger than other towels in the market today. The towel is soft and light because of the 100% ring-spun cotton. They are yarn-dyed to minimize the fading of colors due to the sun’s shade. Apart from cotton, quick-drying fibers such as microfiber and Turkish cotton are highly durable and lightweight, so it is easy to pack in a beach bag for seaside vacation trips. When discussing the size of the cabana for small sizes, it is equivalent to the size of the bathroom available in 5 feet. The large cabana is about 10-12 feet in size.


Assorted cabana pool towels are made of 100% cotton yarn-dyed material. Woven with 100% soft durable cotton, ensuring the product's extended durability and reliability. Wash the new towels before use for better absorbency. Wash with cold water and tumble with hot water for better results. Light-weight towels absorb moisture, giving a delicate touch and a soft feel.

Assorted cabana stripe towels are available in standard sizes of 27x54, 30x60, and 32x65. They are classified as standard bath towels (27x54), oversized bath towels (30x60), and jumbo bath towels (32x65).

Economy - 2 x 2 Cabana Stripe Assorted Beach Towel


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